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As you know, here at Topology, we’ve created a ‘Shop the Style’ blog series helping you emulate gorgeous designs we love. Yup, we showcase an inspirational photo of a great room and break it down into manageable chunks so that you can go off and bring it to life yourself! Catch up on some of the latest ones, here, here & here. This week however it’s a little different as we have teamed up with Graham and Green for a special ‘shop the style’. If you’ve not come across these homeware guru’s before, they’re your destination for everything eclectic, a little bit glam, and quite often wonderfully quirky. So naturally, we’re super excited that today we’re dissecting one of Graham and Green’s gorgeous room sets to help you bring an eclectic and glam living room to life in your own space…

 A Glamorous & Eclectic Lounge

Photo Credit: Graham and Green, “Elsa Collection”

At the core, what we love about this photo, is that it strikes the perfect balance of traditional & contemporary design. It merges stunning period features like traditional panelling, original floor boards and shutters with a wonderfully eclectic and modern furniture range. Notice the contrast between the modern elements like a velvet sofa, contemporary lighting and a berber style rug and how it sits seamlessly amongst the traditional setting. Throw in a piece of vintage style art in an ornate frame, and an atmospheric paint colour, and hey presto you have an enviable space worthy of being in any interior magazine. So let’s help you break it down into shoppable chunks so you can replicate this look at home.


Let’s start off with the paint colour – that moody pink. To recreate this try ‘Sulking Room Pink’ by Farrow & Ball. For those on a budget, don’t be afraid of colour matching – try “Decorating Centre Online“. We’ve found they’re great at matching any colour with a quick delivery and affordable price tag.


What you’ll also notice about this room design is how they’ve painted the architrave and door, as well as the skirting boards, all in the same colour. This is actually one our top tips here at Topology and what we do across all projects. Not only does it help make a room look more sophisticated, but it can make rooms look bigger & taller. By having the room all painted in one colour – rather than say having the doors, frames and skirting in a generic white, you’re breaking up the amount of joins, colours and features in a room. Blending it seamlessly! Make sure for your woodwork you buy eggshell paint though to make it more durable.

Photo Credit: Farrow & Ball 

 A Glamorous & Eclectic Lounge

Now moving onto the products! Make sure you mix some traditional style products such as art work, and the shape of your sofa with more contemporary and eclectic pieces. In the mood board picture below, we’ve tried to separate this out for you.

Shop The Look

Styling, the final stage, and the cherry on top of a design. Style this look by incorporating the following products for added comfort and texture, bringing your space to life


Oh and did we mention you can nab 15% off with our exclusive discount code TOP15 – So shop now!

Enjoy shopping! This post was sponsored by Graham and Green but as always we never recommend brands that we don’t absolutely love or trust!

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