picture of studio mcgee living room design

SHOP THE STYLE – Our Take On Studio McGee’s Living Room Oasis

Another month, another ‘Shop The Style’! We’re so excited about this one. In this segment, we’re shining the spotlight on the queen of relaxed yet formal interiors – Studio McGee who you may have stumbled upon if your anything like us, chain watching their hit Netflix show, ‘Dream Home Makeover’!  The studio strikes the perfect balance throughout each and every design they delight us with, making no exception within Syed & Shea McGee’s own home in Utah. This living room area, referred to as the ‘The Great Room’ is definitely pretty GREAT. The room adorns 7.5 meter high ceilings and is undoubtedly the focal point of this family home. The flow between kitchen, diner, and living space is seamless, to say the least.

We might not have ceilings of 7.5 meters tall but we can absolutely translate this traditional contemporary style into our own homes.

Traditional Contemporary Tango

picture of studio mcgee living room design

Designed by: Studio McGee

This design is the epitome of timeless. So much so, it’s almost as if you can see the duo enjoying this space 20 years from now, with their grown-up family, exactly as it is today. Something pretty poetic about that isn’t there? This is the result of a host of exceptionally thoughtful design choices that have been made. The light tones keep the space feeling bright and airy whilst the addition of layers, sculptural furniture, and a mixture of textures and patterns adds depth, dimension, and warmth. The rugs are even layered! A vintage rug is placed on top of the jute rug which is one size up – two contrasting textures and two complimentary tones that work well in the space alone and in tango with one another when placed together.

It’s a look that is just so easy to love but not the easiest to re-create so again, we have broken down the look and collated these trusted products so if this homely look takes your fancy, you can grab it at an affordable price point. See below. Your own studio McGee oasis is waiting for you…!

Shop The Style

image of topology interiors example of products to create studio mcgee living room

Topology Star Buys

athrapologie chair

Some Finishing Touches

Styling, the final stage, and the cherry on top of a design. Style this look by incorporating the following products for added comfort and texture, bringing your space to life!

Enjoy shopping! This post contains affiliate links. As always we never recommend brands that we don’t absolutely love or trust!

Charlie-Design Consultant Topology

Curated by: Designer Charlie

This scheme was curated by our designer Charlie who has a passion for mixing old with new. Think vintage finds with modern lines. If you want to drop her a message follow her on instagram.
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