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With Valentine’s Day looming, this week, as part of our ‘Shop the Style’ blog series, we’ve been inspired by the ultimate romantic destination, the city of love and one close to designer’s Amelie & Charlie’s hearts, Paris! As the second design in an exciting three-part collaboration with Pepper Sq this room has been named the ‘Easeful Bliss Bedroom’. If you missed the first design, our ‘Cool Cocooning Lounge’, check it out here.

As part of creating this ‘Easeful Bliss Bedroom’, designers Amelie & Charlie have used predominately Pepper Sq furniture pieces to create their vision of a chic, romantic, inviting space.

So, how can you create your own Parisian-inspired oasis? Let’s imagine taking a walk down the cobbled streets of Paris and into one of the many enchanting quintessential 19th-century Haussmannian apartments (built between 1853 and 1870) to take a closer look at our blissful bedroom. A room that boasts high ceilings and a stunning view of the city …

 An Easeful Bliss Bedroom

Photo Credit: Topology Interiors in collaboration with Pepper Sq

At the heart of this design, it is about keeping it simple; bringing an effortlessly chic feel to the space whilst respecting the existing charm that lies within it. We have sought to do this is by opting for a traditional bedroom layout and selecting furniture which is both luxurious and practical in order to preserve the character of the room and frame that incredible view.

Creating this look is about opting for furniture with fairly clean lines, some of which don’t necessarily get the pulse-raising alone but when paired with a more stand-alone piece, come to life!

You will see we have also used a combination of neutral hues for the walls, bedding, and rug. Paired with rich bold tones of moss green, charcoal grey, and mustard, plus a pop of deep petrol blue velvet curtains. Overall there is a strong sense of warmth not only accomplished through the tones but the incorporation of layered textures e.g velvet, marble, linen boucle, and a few pieces with curved shapes e.g the headboard, floor lamp, plant pot and end of bed bench. Furthermore, even though this design doesn’t include actual vintage pieces we have selected a few pieces such as the bedside drawers, chest of drawers, lamps, which have a vintage feel about them. This helps give a sense of there being a mixture of old and new which lends itself well to the space. Moreover, It makes us feel right at home!

The lighting! You can see we have incorporated the lamps on either side of the bed and added a statement pendant above. Additionally, we have included a spherical floor lamp in the corner where it was a little dark. With the addition of a large mirror above the chest of drawers, this helps to bounce more light across the space and doubles up as a nice little dressing area. Good lighting is what will really lift a room and tap into our senses to feel relaxed in a space so remember not to overlook this in a bedroom as it can be quite easy to just add lighting on either side of the bed. The central pendant is such a fantastic opportunity to add a little wow factor to a bedroom, don’t miss out!

So let’s help you break this look down further…

Let’s turn our gaze to the paint colour – it’s a soft warm timeless grey. We would also describe it as a traditional shade that works as such a fabulous backdrop here in a space with bolder pops of colour. ‘French Grey’ is a paint we regularly like to use at Topology and it does well here to help enhance a feeling of relaxation and calm.

As often is the case here at our studio, we recommend painting the architrave and door, as well as the skirting boards, all in the same colour. It’s one of our favourite top tips here at Topology and what we do across all projects as it adds a touch of sophistication to a space and really helps to bring a colour to life, thus creating the perfect backdrop.

Photo Credit: Little Greene

 An Effortless Chic Bedroom

Now for the products! Be sure to avoid the trap of shopping for different products from the same range and look for products, art, soft furnishings which are all unique but have a common thread linking them together.

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Styling, the final stage, and the cherry on top of a design. Style this look by incorporating the following products for added comfort and texture, bringing your space to life

Enjoy shopping! This post was as part of our collaboration with Pepper Sq but as always we never recommend brands that we don’t absolutely love or trust!

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