topology interiors living room

SHOP THE STYLE – With Pepper Sq

This week, as part of our ‘Shop the Style’ blog series where we help our valued readers re-create delicious designs we love, we are turning our gaze onto a Topology design we recently dreamt up as part of an exciting collaboration with Pepper Sq. Designers Amelie & Charlie joined creative forces to bring to life a ‘Cool Cocooning’ interior using predominately Pepper Sq furniture pieces that ooze a sense of style, relaxation, and comfort.

We first came across Pepper Sq whilst working on a fairly recent design where we sourced the beautiful Vivien Bed upholstered in a rich charcoal grey velvet fabric and we’re so glad we did! Not only are these guys a great source for good quality stylish and timeless pieces, Pepper Sq are on our wavelength in that they also don’t think you need to compromise on quality & design to create an affordable interior. Moreover, they pride themselves on creating a pleasurable shopping experience and offering a great service to their customers. Their future is very bright (without giving any spoilers) as they strive to innovatively shape the shopping landscape within the furniture industry so be sure to keep an eye out!

So, without further ado, we’re very excited to chat about the first design of a three-part series in collaboration with Pepper sq, a Cool Cocooning Lounge designed by no other than yours truly and break down how you can bring a Cool Cocooning space to life right where you are…

 A Cool Cocooning Lounge

topology interiors living room

Photo Credit: Topology Interiors in collaboration with Pepper Sq

At the heart of this design and in creating this vibe, it’s about using inviting, warm tones and incorporating fluid shapes and tactile textures through furniture and soft furnishings. These key elements in tango with one another are what helps a space feel less generic and more uniquely inviting, more like ‘home’.

Also, not forgetting the lighting, you will see we have incorporated soft pools of light in finishes & shapes which balance out nicely with the overall design. This helps to elevate the look and create a soft soothing atmosphere. It’s not a happy accident there’s a link between the lamp to the spherical cushion and side table! So, remember to think about adding just a little and not too much repetition through materials and shapes of furniture and soft furnishings within your home to add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

So let’s help you break this look down…

Let’s touch on the paint colour – it’s a soft cream with hints of putty and grey. We would describe it as simple, subtle, sexy, and quite simply, in our eyes, it’s the perfect neutral. ‘Safe Play‘ is a paint we recently developed when teaming up with Coat Paints. It works in all styles of home and is incredibly versatile. With its warm undertones, we saw this colour as the perfect backdrop for this Cool Cocooning lounge.

As often is the case here at our studio, we recommend painting the architrave and door, as well as the skirting boards, all in the same colour. It’s one of our favourite top tips here at Topology and what we do across all projects as it adds a touch of sophistication to a space and really helps to bring a colour to life even more so, thus creating the perfect backdrop.

Photo Credit: Coat Paints

 A Cool Cocooning Lounge

Now for the products! Be sure to avoid the trap of shopping for different products from the same range and look for products, art, soft furnishings which are all unique but have a common thread linking them together.

topology interiors living room

Shop The Look

pepper sq coffee table
pepper sq lamp
pepper sq console table

Styling, the final stage, and the cherry on top of a design. Style this look by incorporating the following products for added comfort and texture, bringing your space to life

Enjoy shopping! This post was as part of our collaboration with Pepper Sq but as always we never recommend brands that we don’t absolutely love or trust!

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