Real Client Stories: Julianne’s Japandi Home

Say hello to our lovely client Julianne and munchkin cat Raiko. Julianne and her partner Luis came to us to help them add a bit of character into their new build home. Based in South East London, the couple wanted to create a ‘Japandi’ aesthetic, a request we’re getting more & more these days. The young couple had an appreciation for the minimalist look but wanted some homely and organic touches like woods & plants to prevent it from feeling too sterile. Our focus for this project was the master bedroom, hallway, office & lounge. Combining both e-design & on-site packages, this allowed them some additional hands on support for the rooms that needed it. So, to continue on in our client stories series, let’s chat to Julianne herself and find out a little bit more about the design journey.

What’s the story behind your property?

Previously we were in a two bedroom flat in a high rise. Our formerly home had an open plan kitchen, living, dining situation. We wanted to move to a house which has more space. Ideally, where the study is separated from the guest bed and the living and dining isn’t merged together. This was a new build which was already well fitted from a kitchen and bathroom perspective. It also provided a great clean canvas for us to work with in terms of design.The large windows was also very important for us, having a lot of natural light is key .Especially for our little cat Raiko.

Why did you decide to hire an interior designer & how did you find the install service?

We wanted to hire an interior designer because both my husband and I are very busy day to day. Additionally, we wanted to make sure the house is decorate and designed in the best possible way. Although we had an idea of what we like however we’re not the most gifted on the creative or design front! So, we wanted to hire someone who specialised in this. The whole process with the team was so smooth and fuss free for us. It was amazing. The install service was done with a lot of attention to detail and the end result looked just as we had imagined it. The fact that the team kept us up to date via WhatsApp all the time, gave us peace of mind that everything was moving forward according to plan while we were at work!

How would you define your interior aesthetic? 

A blending of a classical, traditional aesthetic mixed with mid-century modern pieces. I also like organic, relaxed touches added in. At the end of the day, we want our place to feel comfortable, warm and welcoming. I really think Topology got to the heart of exactly what we wanted.

What is Raiko’s favourite spot in the house?

Raiko loves the L-shaped couch in the living room. He’s chilling on there with us all the time – sleeping, walking across the back. I was unsure about the texture of the couch at first because I had never purchased one like this before but you guys were right, it’s such a great addition!

With new builds, often developers can make everything grey to appeal to mass market. Was this something you didn’t mind or was it something you wanted to disguise / switch up?

I don’t mind the grey too much but the floor was a little concerning for us. Our old house has a much warmer tone and so we were concerned it would feel a bit too cool-toned and dark. The FF&E that was selected definitely helped to neutralise the tone and that’s what I feel helps the living room feel so inviting. The study was a slightly different scenario though. Wheely chairs on carpet isn’t great and so it was perfect that we could rip the carpet out and switch to the wooden flooring. In truth I actually feel the colour of the floor in the study is better than what’s in the kitchen from the original developers!


“The whole process with the team was so smooth and fuss free for us, which was amazing. The install service was done with a lot of attention to detail and the end result looked just as we had imagined it”

What’s your favourite design element that Topology came up with that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself?

It’s difficult to just pick one design element! If I was to only be able to highlight one, then it will have to be the joinery in the living room. The positioning, colour and setup is fantastic! I definitely would not have been able to do this myself for sure. It gives us so much storage space but also allows for a much better way to showcase our home accessories. I also do very much appreciate the suggestion of the wooden panelling too. It’s such a nice touch and brings a lot of consistency across the bedroom and study.

See the results of Julianne’s home here

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All pics by Richard Kiely https://www.richardkiely.co.uk/ 

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