Be Your Own Designer – Issue 1 : Nailing Your Interior Layouts

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How did it come about?

When it comes to interior layouts, it seems to be the one dilemma that every client struggles with! We get inundated with people asking us how to achieve the perfect layout or rectify mistakes they’ve made which has caused a poorly designed space. So we decided to pool our interior designers knowledge together and come up with a simple process that guides you through the key stages of layout planning. From handy exercises, to common measurements, to user friendly software, we have it covered for you.

How will it save you money?

Well apart from the fact we’ve added in a selection of handy discounts from the likes of Arlo & Jacob, Lick Home, Plank Hardware & Coat Paint & Patch Plants, we know that nailing your interior layout first is the key to not having to re-do anything in the future. So our theory is do it right & do it once.


This is a virtual download of our layouts guide that will begin download after you’ve paid for it. If you have any issues downloading it, please get in touch.  Pay securely, safely & quickly with Paypal, credit / debit card.


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