10 Step Interior Planner & Layouts Bundle!


How did it come about?

We get inundated with people asking us how they can achieve a smooth interior design process, avoid costly mistakes and design with confidence. So we decided to come up with a simple process that guides you through the key stages of interior designing. These 10 easy steps aka the ‘interior planner’ guides you through unfamiliar territories like lighting, fabrics, paint and deliveries so you can design with ease.

How will it save you money?

Yes! Avoid having nightmare deliveries to being overcharged by brands, we know what questions you should be asking retailers and what precautionary measures you can take to avoid un-neccessary stress and costs. Plus you’ll also find loads of discount codes to big brands like Patch Plants, House Of, Loaf, Poster Club, Lick, Coat Paints, Pooky Lights etc and a Topology e-design 10% off code too!

What are the printables?

So you can organise your thoughts, we’ve created a printable shopping list so you can add up the expenditure of your goods and track the deliveries. There’s also a section for notes, a task check list and room planner where you can write down the numbers of tradesmen and room measurements.


This is a virtual download of our best selling ’10 Step Interior Planner’ & ‘Interior Layouts’ download. They will begin downloading straight after you’ve paid for it. If you have any issues downloading it, please get in touch.  Pay securely, safely & quickly with Paypal, credit / debit card or bank transfer.