An essential guide to: Kitchens

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How did it come about?

Kitchens are one of our most requested space to design and it’s unsuprising considering they can be the most technical and expensive. It’s hard to know where to start and what processes should be in place for smooth sailing. So, in this 28 page guide we cover key elements for a less bumpy renovation project.

How will it save you money?

Well apart from the fact we’ve added in a selection of handy discounts from the likes of Arlo & Jacob, Lick Home, Plank Hardware & Coat Paint, our guidance should help you cover any grey areas with builders estimates to make sure your builders quotes are as thorough & accurate as possible to avoid nasty suprises. We also cover a 3 step budgeting process & discuss UK averages costs, to help you assess a feasible budget.


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