How To Choose The Perfect Sofa – Meet Arlo & Jacob

Excitingly this month we’ve been teaming up with some serious sofa experts. “Who’s that?” we hear you asking? Well, we’re thrilled to say it’s interiors brand Arlo & Jacob.  We’ve joined forces for an exciting campaign centered around all things design and importantly how to choose the perfect sofa. All in an effort to help you lot solve your current design dilemmas and find the perfect furniture selection for your home. For those who don’t know Arlo & Jacob, we would describe them as one of the most competitive sofa brands on the scene right now, ticking two essential boxes, style, and quality. Steeped in craftmanship their sofas are made here in the UK and are built to stand the test of time. In short – they have the Topology seal of approval.

As part of our collaboration with Arlo & Jacob, on a typically grey March Saturday, our weekend got a whole lot more exciting as we embarked on hosting online design consultations with 10 lovely Arlo & Jacob competition winners. It was a privilege to be shown around their beautiful Fulham showroom (situated in a former ice cream factory) and get a chance to see, touch, and most importantly sit on some absolute favorite designs of ours.

We also got the opportunity to explore the new collection. Within minutes of arriving, the ‘Henry’ sofa upholstered in a natural linen fabric, had our attention. A sofa that oozes traditional English design with a cool contemporary twist found in the homes of popular interior instagram accounts like Rebecca Wakefield and the like.

So how to choose the perfect sofa?

1. Draft up your layout

Drafting up your layout will help you figure out what size sofa is good for you and your space. Archiplain is a handy FREE online tool that will help you do this. Simply measure up your space and enter the measurements and start to draw up your plans! You’ll see what size sofa is going to work in the space.

Check out our Downloadable Guide on Layouts to find out more.

2. Size up your sofa

Width: Ensure your sofa is no bigger than 2/3 of the wall it’s up against. You don’t want to run the risk of the sofa feeling too large or even squeezed into the room.

Length: Don’t overlook the depth. 110cm will into the room a lot more than a 90cm deep sofa so it’s just important to bear in mind, a deep sofa may feel like it’s dominating the room a little more.

When thinking about the depth of your sofa, consider whether you would like something more upright and narrow or laidback and deep. We would say that narrower sofas give a more formal look due to the fact they are more upright and slender so have a more traditional feel. Whereas if you’re looking for a sofa where you can laze around in front of the TV, a deeper sofa may be more just the ticket.

3. Choose your fabric

Arlo & Jacob have a huge range of fabrics, from in-house to designer collections. The colour, texture, and pattern you choose can change the overall look and feel of the room as well as the sofa itself. Order swatches to see how they work in your space. 

We recommend trying the ‘Aqua Chenille’ or ‘Clever Velvet’ for family-friendly durable fabrics.

Velvets or Linen?

Arlo & Jacob’s well-curated range of velvets and linens offers something for all. Their hand-selected linen, velvet, and family-friendly fabrics not only look incredible but feel incredibly comfortable too.

Linens crease and soften over time and we think is part of the appeal, creating that authentic welcoming look.

Velvet, instantly adds a little luxe to space. Be mindful that this short dense fabric requires consistent care and attention to keep it looking bold and beautiful. This includes weekly vacuuming and investing in a specialised velvet brush. Clever velvet is worth considering for a busy household. It’s essentially more practical due to the fact it’s more robust, durable, and stain-resistant. A great family-friendly alternative without compromising on style.

4. Choosing the best filling

It’s important to consider the filling of your sofa wisely. Do you prefer that sink all the way feeling or, something a little firmer?

Extra soft:
The softest, slouchiest sofas with the most give have feather-wrapped fiber cushions. These are the sofas with that cloud-like enveloping feeling. Ideal for a relaxed look and super cosy interior.

Slightly firmer but still classed in the soft category with full feather cushions. Still a very forgiving and relaxed choice with a touch more support but still squish down perfectly.

looking for a more supportive, firmer sofa with a sleek shape and design? Try Arlo & Jacob;s premium Quallofil cushioning which gives support whilst providing long-lasting comfort. Say goodbye to plumping because these contemporary fillings offer more resistence and require less maintenance.

Since most of us fall somewhere in the middle on the comfort scale, many of Arlo & Jacob’s sofas have feather-wrapped foam cushions. This is what we call a medium level of comfort. With plenty of structure provided by the foam and more retention from the fibre, the sprinkling of feathers over the top provides that soft, marshmallow feeling to a more structured seat cushion. These sofa cushions retain more of their shape when sat on and require wee plumping.

Want more tips?

We’ve created a FREE downloadable guide in partnership with Arlo & Jacob which can be found here.

Or Purchase and download our new handy downloadable guide on layouts for bedrooms, lounges & hallways here. Or if you’ve already purchased that, our ’10 Step Planner; Guide To Planning Your Home Design’ here.

Or if you need a bit more of a helping hand, our team at Topology also offer an in depth design service for all budgets big and small. Services start from £299 per room, see here. So, whether you want light guidance or a consolidated delivery & on-site management –  we’re you’re girls!

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