A House Tour With Our Designer Amelie

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on our resident Topology designer, Amelie. Originally from Paris, Amelie now lives in London with her newlywed husband Kons, and together they live in a spacious 2 bed apartment in Dalston. When they moved in it was an empty new build box – think grey carpets, white walls & no furniture. What Amelie has created now in her home over the last couple of years is quite honestly…incredible! Amelie truly wakes you up to what renters can actually achieve and her ideas are not only creative but realistic for everyday person…

Amelie’s passion for interior design and creative flair is clearly manifested throughout the decor in her flat and we think you’ll agree when scrolling down this blog post. But before you get scrolling, do clock some of our Team’s favourite design choices in her apartment as their ingeniousness will have your creative juices flowing and renters minds racing. These are the IKEA-hacked BESTA bench wrapped in a wooden vinyl to create an affordable solution to a bespoke banquette & her hanging rattan pendant lights acting as bedside lights. So without further ado, enjoy this interview and soak up some inspiring interior design…

Portrait by Theo McInnes & Interior Photos by Richard Kiely

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1 – What is the inspiration behind the design choices in your flat?

I wanted a warm and inviting home, beautiful and cosy, a place designed to bring people together. I love earthy materials and tones (think wood, ceramic, plants, neutral tones, black) but I also enjoy contemporary clean lines, so I wanted my space to reflect this and have a cosy feel, mixed with contemporary elements for a stylistic look.

I think my home is the physical manifestation of my love and philosophy of life through gastronomy & community. The dining area almost feels like you’re in a cosy restaurant, with its thick wooden dining table, soft lighting atmosphere, candles, wooden serving bowls and irregular ceramic plates. It’s perfect to sit there and spend hours socialising around beautiful food. The master bedroom has a very natural feel as well through colours and material again – I got my inspiration from Mediterranean & tropical holiday places. It’s simple, organic, relaxing and full of plants. It makes me feel so content to have created such a zen and calming oasis in a new-built flat in London.

I’d say that most of my inspiration comes from places I’ve been to (countries, restaurants, hotels, museums, etc.) and how they made me feel. I wanted to replicate some of it and twist it to make it my own

2 – Did you ask your landlord whether you could decorate? 

Yes, we did ask and we’re very grateful he trusted us with the process. I don’t think he expected me to do as many changes as I did haha but every time he comes to visit he is over the moon with what I’ve done, he absolutely loves it!

3 – What is your favourite design choice you’ve made in the apartment? 

Tough question. I would say the bench in the living/dining room. I always love finding creative solutions that answer multiple needs at once. In this case, this long bench is made of IKEA units (also love an IKEA hack to keep the cost down!), they offer a lot of extra hidden storage, and allow for more seats around the dining table. It really transformed the space and gave it a cool East London cafe vibe. I love it that much that I’m actually about to extend it all the way to the end of the room so on top of being a seating bench it will also be a media unit below the TV – keep your eyes peeled!

4- What are your top 3 products you’ve used in your home? 

IKEA BESTA units – the ones I used to create the sitting bench in my dining/living room but also in my guest room/office. So practical and cheap! I’ve covered them in vinyl in the living room and I painted them in Beige 02 (from Lick) in the guest room.

Limewash paint from Bauwerk – in the bedroom it gives an amazing organic and textured feel. And it’s really fun to apply as well.

MADE plant pots – I find it difficult to find contemporary plant pots with clean lines and MADE always have a great selection. I have a million plants at home and they’re a big part of the decoration so it’s important for me to have the right pots which fit perfectly in the scheme. (aff. link here)

3 – What are the paint colours used across the apartment? 

Living/Dining – Black 02 Lick

Guest Room/Office – Beige 02 Lick

Bedroom – Goa from Bauwerk + Safe Play from COAT

5 – Many renters don’t see the importance of decorating whilst renting, what would your advice be to someone who wants to decorate but is apprehensive..? 

Obviously, as an Interior Designer, I think that it’s crucial to do as much as you can to transform the space you live into make it a home you’ll feel happy to be in. The first step would be to check with your landlord if you can paint and drill. Changing the colour of the walls is a big one and can completely transform a space. Drilling will allow you to put some art on the walls and add lighting as well (go plug-in, no need for electrical work). An easy way to add character and life to a space is also through plants and multiple sources of lighting to create a soothing and moody atmosphere. Those are really easy to implement and yet they change a space!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post learning more about our designer Amelie & her beautiful home in Hackney. Tune in next time for our founder Athina’s house tour…

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