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Hello there! A warm welcome and thank you to those who have kept up and followed our ‘designer spotlight’ series. Today we’re interviewing our penultimate team member, Amelie! She’s been the latest addition to the Topology team after an interesting career change and move to London from Paris.

She caught the attention of Topology via instagram as her home is an urban jungle! Paired with burnt orange walls and black modern accents it’s a designers paradise. Yup, we knew straight away that she had a keen eye for interiors and we were right! Having joined Topology just a few months ago, she’s already wowed us all with impressive photoshop skills for clients, dedication to design (think late night work sessions & carrying endless plants to shoots!) and is now settled as a fully fledged designer.

Intrigued and want to know her story? Well, before we delve into things, just a reminder that in this designer spotlight series, each post will be packed full of useful tips, product recommendations and a little bit of a story behind the photos you see on social! If you missed it last week we shone the light on Charlie (play catch up here).

Photos by Theo McInnes

So Amelie, can you give us a brief intro into your background and why you wanted to do interiors?

Like my fellow colleagues, I have been in different places before starting my journey in Interior Design. Interiors have always fascinated me though. I remember being a kid and playing The Sims and spending days building and decorating the best homes for my characters (that I couldn’t be bothered keeping alive afterwards so I would leave them in a pool with no ladder to get out. Then, I remember experimenting with my room, my brothers’ rooms and even later, the family kitchen. Always trying to create a beautiful environment where we feel really comfortable to live in.

And as I grew up, I would drool in front of the beauty of so many places. A bistrot in Paris, a rustic farm in the South of France, a hotel in Italy etc. The aesthetics and feel that emanated from all these places fascinated me. However it took me a bit of time to work in the field…

“I remember being a kid and playing The Sims and spending days building and decorating the best homes for my characters (that I couldn’t be bothered keeping alive afterwards so I would leave them in a pool with no ladder to get out). “

Originally from Paris, I lived in Melbourne for a year and I have been living in London for the past 7 years. During this time, I worked in Sales, Marketing & Recruitment but nothing was really fulfilling. Until I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my dream to work in Interior Design. That’s when I reached out to Athina, initially for some advice. As I was following Topology’s adventure and the amazing interiors the girls created, I started to dream of working with them. And I am the luckiest to now be part of this incredible adventure with the best people ever. It’s been a life changing decision and I am so grateful to be loving every second of my job, to do it with all my heart, passion and dedication.

We get to work on so many exciting projects and our job is so much more than ‘what looks right’. It is about taking a holistic view of the way individuals use and enjoy the spaces they inhabit. It is about finding and creating a cohesive answer to a set of problems and dressing the solution so as to unify and strengthen our experience of the space.

I truly have a passion to make things better, more exciting, and more beautiful.

What is your top interior advice?

LIGHTING! I think this is something crucial that most people underestimate. The right lighting will add another dimension to your space, it will create depth, cosiness and change the mood. I’m all about ambient lighting and I would recommend going for a lot of different sources of lights, in all the corners of your space to create a soothing atmospheric mood. Use dimmable lights (or add a plug in dimmer!) and warm bulbs over white ones.

What’s your ‘go to’ paint colour?

I would say Lick White 05 as it’s a nice oaty white that would suit most spaces, making them bright but also very cosy. Otherwise I’m really into limewash paint, I think it gives an amazing textured and organic feel to a room and the application of it is quite fun! I would recommend using Bauwerk, they have an extensive range of colours and the quality is amazing.

What’s your favourite homware brand?

Ooh, that’s a very hard question..! I would say Ferm Living has a lot of interesting decor pieces. For furniture, I’ve been quite impressed with the selection of Maisons du Monde lately. A lot of well designed pieces with a wide range of styles and at affordable prices.

Share with us your favourite design you’ve worked on?

(Pictured Above) I loved working on this recent project as the clients took their main inspiration from an amazing Danish hotel with a Scandi /modern mid century feel and they wanted to bring this vibe to their new-built flat. It was such an interesting challenge to think about the right material, textures, colours and lighting scheme. (Pictured Below) Also another project I really enjoyed working on – a neutral scheme with a lot of different textures (velvet, glass, rattan) and some kicks through the art, cushions etc. to keep it interesting and not flat.

Amelie-Design Consultant at Topology Interiors

Flash Q&A

Current Instagram Crush: @mymodernduplex & @studiosambuckley.

You have a weakness for: Plants! I just love them and how they can bring life and nature into a home. I have a million at home.

Long-term trend prediction: Japandi style

A trend that’s just a fad: White kitchens!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this post learning more about our designer Amelie. Tune in next week for the next installment, where we’ll be interviewing our founder Athina.


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