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If you’ve stumbled across this journal post, you might enjoy knowing that this is the first in our “designer spotlight” series. During which, we’ll be interviewing a member of our design team on a weekly basis for 1 month.

Why? Well we know that many of you not only enjoy knowing a bit more about our team, but also want the insider scoop for tips and tricks for home design. So who better to interview than our designers themselves. Each post will be packed full of handy tips, product recommendations and a little bit of a story behind the photos you see on social!

Today we’re interviewing our longest standing designer Danielle Tanner! Usually, she’s not one to sing her own praises and really doesn’t enjoy being the spotlight. However today we’re sharing her story on what how she became a designer, to her top design tips. Scroll on down for more…

Photos by Theo McInnes

So Danielle, can you give us a brief intro into your background and why you wanted to do interiors?

When I was a kid, if you’d asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d have told you “Interior Designer”.  Changing Rooms (the OG) was quite literally my favourite program. I had the calendar (yup, I was cool), and begged my mum to take me to Homebase every weekend for new paint samples so I could do something else in my bedroom.


“Then I took the plunge at the end of 2018 to hand in
my notice with no firm job to go to…”

Fast forward quite a few years (!) and I had found myself working in Marketing. Whilst I enjoyed some parts of the role, it was not quite what 7yr old Danielle thought she would be doing, so I knew I was going to have to scratch that itch at some point!  Whilst still in my marketing role I started an Interior Design course, which I worked through on my evenings and weekends. Then I took the plunge at the end of 2018 to hand in my notice with no firm job to go to. I spent the first few months working through the remainder of the course, as well as contacting a lot of interior design companies for shadowing / assistant type roles, and was lucky enough to work with a few – Topology was one of them and working with Athina was everything I had dreamed of and more – so she got stuck with me!  It’s so great being part of a fast paced, growing business where I can call the girls I work with friends not just colleagues.

What’s your ‘go to’ paint colour?

A colour I find really versatile is Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball (you can always colour match it if it’s not in budget!).  It’s a really warm neutral that is very easy to pair with other colours.  Although, I’m also a sucker for dark colours so in my new house (which is currently undergoing a big renovation), you’ll see some Black 01 by Lick mixed with some other neutrals too and I’ll let the furniture add some pops of colour…

Do you have a favourite homeware brand?

This is like picking a favourite child…umm… Soho Home has a massive piece of my heart for inspo and swoon worthy pieces, but then it’s rarely within budget!

What would you say is your least favourite interior thing / trend?

Bad upcycling. I’m all for giving something a second lease of life, but I do hate it when I see some seriously beautiful vintage pieces of furniture getting plastered in paint, or worse, having holes cut in it so it’s irreversible!

Minimalist living room design

Share with us your favourite design you’ve worked on?

I feel like this project, pictured above, has become synonymous with Topology and for that, I’m really proud.  Athina and I worked on this e-design the start of Lockdown one for a dreamy client of ours who just trusted us to do our thing. She wanted something that was sophisticated and minimal but still felt warm and cosy and I think we hit the nail on the head with this. You can actually shop the look here.

Danielle Senior Designer at Topology

Flash Q&A

Current Instagram Crush: @claudeandthehouse –  cats are a big reason why, but also some dreamy interiors too!

You have a weakness for: Classic more timeless pieces.  I’d rather spend a little more on something that’s going to last rather than constantly changing it up to suit new trends.

Long-term trend prediction: Panelling! There’s so many different types, even though it’s been around a while already, I think we’re still going to see it for a bit yet.  It’s such an easy way to bring interest to a boring space!

A trend that’s just a fad: Rattan & cane furniture. Unless you’re going for that super boho vibe, I think it can cheapen a look.  Sorry to the rattan fans!

Shop Danielle’s Top 3 Products

1. Wooden Candle Holder – Amara £25,  2. Kasbar Rug – FCUK, £125 , 3. Mustard Velvet Cushion – Amara £30

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post learning more about our designer Danielle. Tune in next week for the next installment, where we’ll be interviewing Topology Charlie!

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