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If you’re reading this, let me say a big thank you for joining part II of our “Designer Spotlight” series. If you missed it, last week we shone the light on Danielle (play catch up here) who told us how changing rooms played a big part on her desire to become a designer – thanks Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. But today we’re shifting the focus onto Charlotte, or “Charlie” as we all know her.

Charlie is one of the most hard working, dedicated, organised, kind and bubbly people I know. Yep, that’s a lot of high praise! Every client she takes on she treats with care and that’s why all our clients absolutely love her. So it’s my pleasure to introduce her properly to you today via this interview.

Before we delve into the good stuff, just a reminder that in this series, each post will be packed full of handy tips, product recommendations and a little bit of a story behind the photos you see on social!

Photos by Theo McInnes

So Charlie, can you give us a brief intro into your background and why you wanted to do interiors?

Well I have a mixed background which has taken me to many places! But my passion for interior design has been popping its little head up throughout my life, so my journey here wasn’t straight and narrow. I dreamt of being an interior designer as a kid and there were a few telling signs now I look back. I used to convince my dad to go to take me to any new show home developments which sprung up near us so we could score them! And how naturally, I decorated my room as soon as I could get my hands on it. As I grew older my obsession hadn’t gone anywhere so I helped friends where possible and did up my own home alongside various jobs in fields. These ranged from teaching to marketing and even food…! These experiences proved to be all part of the journey and a good outlet for some time, but It just didn’t cut the mustard. I had a burning desire to pursue a career as an interior designer by this point more than ever before. I spent my evenings studying and putting myself out there as much as possible. So, to cut a long story short, this is how I was really fortunate enough to came across Topology (aka Athina at the time) who to put it simply was crushing it with Danielle and now Amélie too! We’re the dream team I consider myself very lucky to be a part of.


“I used to convince my dad to go to take me to any new show home developments which sprung up near us so we could score them! “

I wanted to work within this field because I love to be creative and adore the fact you’re always learning as a designer; learning of new trends, styles, approaches, techniques and playing with shape, textures, materials as well as meeting people from different walks of life. I am obsessed with furniture & decor techniques. Moreover, at the core it comes down to the fact that I just adore looking at how I can transform a space to enhance someone’s wellbeing and help them live better within it.  I have always had a huge appreciation for well-designed spaces and analysing how people engage with their environment which ultimately influences a design; it’s functionality as well as the shape, look and feel of the space all play a role here. This never gets old and inspires me every day.

Designer Spotlight : Charlie

What’s your ‘go to’ paint colour?

I have a few! For a neutral I really like “Portland Stone – Pale” by Little Greene as it’s the perfect paint in any space, it’s essentially a chalky off-white. But for something a little bolder, a near black like “Railings” by F&B is great. And lastly, recently, I’ve been really drawn to Jewel Beetle by Little Greene.

What is your top interior advice?

When you’re looking to update your space, don’t rush into buying. Take your time to collate images of interiors you’re inspired by to help you establish your likes (and dislikes). Then begin by planning your furniture layout (include at this stage lighting, art & rugs) and work out what existing pieces you want to keep and where these can go.

Also a reminder that it’s not essential to buy everything brand-new. Some of the best designs are where there is a mix of old and new pieces which learn how to tango with each other. For the new furniture pieces, take your time in making these furniture purchases and checking that they are the right size for the space! We actually put together some useful guides for this one – see here.

What would you say is your least favourite interior thing / trend?

So it’s a trend that’s definitely on the increase….maximalist & busy designs! Especially if it includes very frilly headboard canopies..

Share with us your favourite design you’ve worked on?

There’s so many! I recently had the pleasure of working with fellow designer Amelie & brand Pepper square on a made up brief to create a design that was contemporary and bold (pictured above). But more solo wise, I had some great clients whose brief for this room was that they wanted something ‘contemporary and relaxing with clean lines, warm neutrals and a pop of colour including a key piece of abstract scenic artwork for above the bed’. I sourced a piece of art from an artist called Lauren Mycroft which tied in with the rest of the scheme and I was really pleased with the end result (pics below).

Charlie-Design Consultant Topology

Flash Q&A

Current Instagram Crush: @sarahshermansamuel & @transitionstatedesign.

You have a weakness for: Ceiling bedside pendant lights, Terrazzo, upholstered panelled headboards, Moroccan Berber style rugs – there are some great ones on Etsy!

Long-term trend prediction: Shopping more sustainably & mindfully. Including spending a little more on items which are better quality for them to last longer.

A trend that’s just a fad: Spaces which are entirely open plan – with more people working from home etc there seems to be a need to divide up a space when needed with e.g pocket doors, dividers, Crittal doors which still allow the light to flow through the space etc.

Shop Charlie’s Top 3 Products

1. Abstract Art, Etsy – From £87,  2. Delia Bed , Made.com – £599 3, Wavy Serving Boards,– Etsy From £27.68

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post learning more about our designer Charlie. Tune in next week for the next installment, where we’ll be interviewing Topology Amelie!

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