70s Interior Design Trends For a Modern Home

70’s interiors are having a moment right now, thanks to TV shows like Amazon’s Daisy Jones & The Six, and BBC’s The Serpent. Shows like these remind us just how iconic the interior design of this groovy decade were and provide an amazing source of inspiration. In this blog post, we explore the key 70s interior design trends and uncover how you can incorporate these trends into your modern-day home. Enjoy!

The 1970s brought forth a unique blend of colours, patterns, and a distinct sense of individuality in interior design. From psychedelic prints to shag carpets, the interiors embraced boldness, self-expression, and experimentation. Lets delve into how you can recreate this style within your home…

Colour & Patterns

Vibrant colours and patterns were a popular choice throughout this era, which reflected the fun spirit of the time. Earthy tones such as burnt orange, mustard, avocado green, and rusty browns were popular choices for walls, upholstery, and accessories. To incorporate these colours in a contemporary setting, draw inspiration from someone like Emma Jane Palin. Consider using them as accents through throw pillows, rugs or artwork. We’d recommend maintaining a neutral base to avoid overwhelming the space. Geometric and floral patterns were also highly popular during this era. Integrate these patterns through wallpaper, curtains, or upholstery to add a touch of retro flair.


Furniture and Shapes

The 70s introduced unique furniture designs and shapes, such as low-slung sofas with curvaceous silhouettes and bean bag chair. Modular seating arrangements were also popular and are available today in all  shapes and colours to suit your style. To channel the 70s vibe, incorporate a statement piece with a retro shape, like a curved sofa or a vintage-inspired lounge chair and pair with modern elements to strike a balance.


Textures and Materials

The 70s embraced a variety of textures and materials that exuded comfort and relaxation. One of the most iconic materials was shag carpeting. The thick, plush, and often brightly coloured carpet added a luxurious and cosy element to living spaces. We’re not too sure shag carpets are making a comeback, but we’d recommend experimenting with textured pillows and throws instead! 



Lighting in 70s interior design was used to create ambient and mood-enhancing spaces. Pendant lamps made from natural materials such as rattan, as well as coloured glass shades were popular, casting warm light in the home. We are big fans of a rattan pendant light at Topology and include these in our designs for a relaxed interior, especially in a bedroom



Decorative accessories like macramé wall hangings, lava lamps, and indoor plants were also commonly found in 70s homes. Today, rattan furniture and macrame wall hangings are making a comeback and can be seamlessly integrated into contemporary interiors, adding a natural and bohemian touch. 

The 70s was a decade of self-expression and creativity, reflected in its interior design trends. By incorporating the key elements of 70s design into your modern home, you can create a unique and eclectic space that pays homage to this era while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

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What’s your favourite thing about 70s inspired interiors? We would love to hear from you.

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