Designer Amelie’s Home

Designed by our talented Designer Amelie, this 2 bed flat in the heart of Dalston is an inspiring example of what you can do to rental homes despite landlord limitations. Amelie’s creativity is endless in this apartment – we particularly love the warming paint colours, bespoke IKEA joinery hacks, easy light swaps and stylish furniture choices make it an inviting space everyone can enjoy spending time in.

DSC_4445_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES copy
DSC_4276_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4280_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4300_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4322_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4328_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4342_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4365_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4366_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4425_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4432_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4443_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4449_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4455_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4458_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4464_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES
DSC_4470_22.08.10_TOPOLOGY_HI RES