renter friendly decor ideas

7 Renter Friendly Decor Ideas

By 2025, 40% of London will be renters. Yes, the struggle to buy a property is real. But it doesn’t just stop at London! With the ‘B’ word…Brexit of course…less mortgages being handed out and generally living in a more expensive society, renting is becoming the only solution to many. In light of this, we’re on a mission to show you that just because you rent doesn’t mean you can’t make your home your own. Living in an environment that’s a reflection of you and tailored to your needs / designs is hugely important on your wellbeing. So, let’s get you lot geared up with these 7 renter friendly decor ideas! Oh, did we mention they’re affordable too? 

1. Using a grouting pen or grout touch up

Grout touch up products are absolutely fantastic for giving old tiles a new lease of life. By re-colouring in old white grout so it’s sparking white makes the tiles look amazingly clean, and can cover up and cracks or mould. One of our favourites is Forever White and it’s less than £3. You can also get inventive with colours too, but you may want to ask your landlord about that.

2. Changing your light switches & sockets

May sound like a bit of wasted effort but trust us on this! Changing your switches and sockets is a non-damaging change you can make to your space that will have a great impact. Think about it – how many rentals do you know that have awesome brass or copper or black plated switches? Exactly! As soon as we made these swaps in our rented homes, we got compliments all the time. It’s all in the little details! Our favourite brand is Dowsing & Reynolds, but for cheaper options just have a google search.

3. Covering up old patio tiles with gravel

All you need is some tarpaulin and a load of gravel and you can instantly cover up any unwanted or old looking patio tiles. Cate St Hill is a great example of someone who’s done this. In recent time we’ve used B&Q’s range.

7 renter friendly decor ideas

4. Changing spot lights to pendant lights

So although this will require an electrician to install, this hack is actually non-damaging and can be reversed back. So happy landlords all round! If you’re looking to do it on a budget and with the utmost ease, head to Amazon who offer electrical services which you can book online at a good price. Lamp pictured is MADE.COM’s Ogilvy.

5. Updating handles on units / cupboards etc

Perfect for updating anything from a kitchen cabinet to a chest of drawers, changing handles can be a great renter trick. Think brass abstract shapes, animal heads or even crystal knobs. Some of our favourite retailers are Dowsing & Reynolds, Anthropologie but if you want something a little cheaper, try eBay or your local market.

6. Command strips for art hanging

Say hello to hook free picture hanging with Command Strips. You might have heard of this renter friendly decor ideas already but essentially they’re sticky strips that let you hang your art work on your walls – without any damage! Don’t underestimate them either as they can hang up to 7kg. Take it from us, they really do work. Available in most DIY stores and Amazon etc.

7. Peelable Wallpaper

Previously this was mainly in America but many brands are cottoning on to this now and creating more widely available designs. Great for adding instant drama, peelable wallpaper offers renters the chance to drastically change their home. Etsy is great for them, we even did a post on some of a favourite – read here.


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renter friendly decor ideas


  • Thanks for sharing these home decor ideas. The peelable wallpapers are looking nice and fancy.

    February 19, 2020

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