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Why A Wine Cooler Is An Interior Must Have

Friday evenings just got a whole load cooler. Excuse the pun. But why, you ask? Well…integrated wine cooler systems are the interior must have of the moment. With their ability to chill that favourite Sauvignon of yours to the perfect degree, they’re practical, stylish & bougie. And we’re into that! So to show off some great examples that’ll have you re-arranging your kitchen design in no time, we’ve teamed up with Elite Wine Refrigeration – the UK’s wine refrigeration specialists. 

Why Invest In A Wine Cooler System?

We spoke to Callum from Elite Fridges to find out! Read below to see why he urges people to invest in the systems: 

A wine cooler is a great investment for numerous reasons, they are fast becoming one of the most popular ‘add on’ appliances, in particular when a new kitchen is being installed. We advise customers differently depending on their requirements; a wine cooler for somebody who plans to store a lot of wine and buy as an investment for the future should really consider a wine cooler if they do not have access to a wine cellar.  A wine cooler will protect their investment, providing they purchase a reliable unit, which will allow the wines to be stored correctly for many years to come and eventually see a rise in value when they come to sell or of course drink their wines.  


For a customer who is looking to purchase a wine cooler to either replace an existing unit in their kitchen or install their first unit in a new kitchen, it makes sense for a number of reasons; the obvious being it will be able to store wines and hold them at their serving temperature and of course this will also free up space in the fridge.


Wine coolers are also fast becoming a great appliance to choose as they are now extremely aesthetically pleasing and the units from some of the better brands add a real feature piece to any kitchen, they are predominantly manufactured from seamless materials which creates smooth lines, they also look terrific when they are all lit up.

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Dunavox DX-181.490DBK

What’s the biggest system? 

We have a huge range of large wine coolers, the largest unit we install as a single unit are the Pevino Pro units. These units are ideal for hotels, restaurants and of course the man cave! Generally speaking though we tend to install two, three or more units in a persons home as they will need a bottle capacity of 400 bottles or more.  The units we usually use for this are from Dunavox’s large capacity range as they are extremely reliable, quiet and store the wines in perfect conditions.

So there you have it – achieving the perfect Sauvignon Blanc is now not only a bit of luxury living but also an interior design must have. Would you invest?


This has been a sponsored post with Elite Wines.

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