Why We’re Bringing Back Custom Made Neon Signs

One of our favourite ways to personalise a space is making a come back & we’re here for it. We’ve seen Neon Lighting in our favourite restaurants, hair salons and even gyms! But, now it’s time to bring it back into your home for a fun, bespoke way to add a pop of colour and personality into your space. Enter Yellowpop, the UK’s no. destination for bespoke neon signs. And don’t think that just because you’re a renter or have budget restrictions that you can’t join in on the fun too. Sounds like something you want to try? You should consider jumping on the bandwagon with us! 

Why has this made a comeback? We think lockdown has something to do with it. Now, more than ever, we’re focusing on our homes and wanting to express ourselves through our interiors. With these custom made neons, the options are endless: a welcome message when your first visitor steps inside, your little ones name above their bed or an inspirational slogan just to keep you going when you’re working from home. Additionally, they can be stuck to the wall using 3M Strips / Command Strips meaning you can hang them damage free- you’re welcome renters. 

You may be worried that these bursts of neon won’t fit into your interior style, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or even cosy country – neon lighting can really make your space come alive. At Yellowpop, the UK’s leading bespoke Neon sign company, there are 21 different colours to choose from. You can pick a tone that will highlight your colour scheme or create a dramatic contrast to elevate your aesthetic; either way this bold lighting choice can add personality and focus to any room.

Additionally, not only are they one of the most efficient energy saving lighting options, they are also hand cut – creating that crafted, luxe feel in your home. Because of their PVC tubing technology, they are really safe for little ones – they won’t increase in temperature (like most lighting) and are basically unbreakable! If you think these sound amazing, we agree. But, it’s about to get a whole lot better! Yellowpop’s custom made lighting is not only bespoke but also super affordable, meaning whatever your budget – there is a neon light for you.

So, whatever your interior style or budget may be – Yellowpop is here to bring a bespoke, affordable and luxe feel to any room with their Neon signs. And here at Topology, we’re super excited to jump on the bandwagon! We will soon be getting one of our clients mocked up with a neon light to frame her dining area – the design is still hush hushed for now, but tune in in June when we install the flat to see the results and DM us on social over on @topologyinteriors to get the lowdown on how we installed it.

For some inspiration on what your Neon sign could say head to our Pinterest board or Yellowpop’s bestsellers page and don’t forget to grab 15% off with code TOPOLOGY15


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