The five things to consider when choosing a sofa for entertaining your long awaited friends and family

At long last, the time has (almost) come to start preparing your home to be the best venue in town. Online furniture brand, Swyft, reveals the five things to look out for when reading sofa descriptions online in preparation for movie nights with pals and inevitable red wine spillages.

5 Top Tips from John O’Leary, Design Director at Swyft

Choose the right filling
Feathers can get lumpy and need regular fluffing, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to play host. Plus, they can give any sensitive pals the sneezes. Instead, opt for reliable foam or bouncy fibre. Foam sofas are very low maintenance, whilst being super comfortable, whilst fibre sofas have more of the sinkability factor. They both hold their shape really well without the need for regular plumping – perfect for when you’re on canapé duty.

Stay stain free
The fabric of your new sofa is like its armour, and if it’s not strong enough to protect what’s underneath, it can be an expensive fix. Always check if the fabrics have been stain treated to add maximum peace of mind around clumsy friends. A well-treated fabric will allow spills to just run off, and be blotted up without fuss or residual marks.

Look out for a ‘high rub count’
If you’re expecting lots of guests this year, always choose fabrics with a high rub count to ensure durability. Swyft fabrics have a rub count of 100,000 but you can get away with anything above 30,000.

Check the frame
The bones of your sofa need to stand the test of time, from movie nights to unexpected sleepovers, 2021 is going to be the year for it. To ensure you’ve got the best frame, look out for FSC certified hardwood. Avoid metal or particle board as these can be easily damaged and are unlikely to last as long.

Watch out for inconvenient delivery and return times
It’s not long until May 17th, when you can finally have friends inside. Keep an eye out for long delivery times – otherwise you might be without comfy spots for friends. Plus, if all else fails and the sofa you choose doesn’t quite fit the bill, check that the company has a decent returns policy before you ‘add to basket’. Swyft has a 100 days trial and no-quibble returns policy.

Get the perfect guest bed
Swyft has just launched their new Model 04, a sofa bed that perfectly combines form and function. Most sofa beds come with thin seat cushions and metal frames, which drastically reduces the comfort. The seat cushion of the Model 04 is seven inches thick, made from high-density foam and has over 300 pocket springs offering active support and comfort. Adding to the perfect night’s sleep guarantee, the Model 04 comes with a premium mattress topper, which is stored under the seat cushion, when in use as a sofa.

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