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The ‘ColorReader’ Gadget – An Interior Designers New BFF?

Listen up home decoration fanatics, interior designers & tradesmen! Let us introduce you a brand new piece of technology called the ‘ColorReader’ by DataColor. This little gadget is a serious game changer when it comes to the decorating process and we’ve been lucky enough to test one out ourselves and explain to you lot why it’s going to save you time & effort when it comes to the decorating process.

So what is it?

Well the ColorReader has two main functions. Firstly, it cleverly scans any colour around you, be it on a wall, plant, book, screen! Essentially anything around you in the real world and then and digitally converts it into a colour you can view on an App. What’s the point of this? Well by scanning in the colour, it provides you with the closest match to NCS, RAL or other common colour standards you’ll find on programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress websites even canva! Let’s put it into practice. Say I find a colour on when I’m out an about that I fall in love with (perhaps a nice green?), I can scan it with the ColorReader and use the generated colour code on mood boards for clients that I make or even for my branding on my website. Additionally, it even tells you the closest colour match to RAL paints so you can get your ideal paint colour.

How do you scan colour?

To do this, all you need to do is download the ColorReader app, switch it on to calibrate it and hey presto, you’re ready to start scanning colours around you. When we first started using it, we got totally obsessed with scanning everything! Aside from the fact it’s incredibly useful, there’s definitely a novelty aspect to it we love! We were scanning clothes, tables, floors – you name it.

How does it aid the creative process?

However the amazing technology doesn’t stop there. Oh no! This clever fella can also take your scanned colour and recommend other colours that will work seamlessly on it. Yes, that’s right it’s officially taking the time out of finding the ideal colour combination that can work for you and your clients project. Whether you want something that will flawlessly work with it in a neutral setting or something to pop against it, the ColourReader app generates an array of combinations. We think this is particularly great to boost your designs creatively. Perhaps we don’t speak for ourselves when we say we can fall subject to ‘designers block’ now and again. By this we mean, we can easily fall into the trap of recommending the same colour schemes repetitively to clients over and over again. By having perfectly suited colour schemes suggested to you within seconds makes you feel inspired and creatively enlightened.

So all in all, it’s an amazing product. You can grab one on sites like Amazon or Wex for around £100, click here to buy.

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Photos: Courtesy of DataColor

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