Why Tapestries Are On Trend

Long gone are the days of adorning our walls with old-fashioned paintings. In the modern interiors world, we are lucky enough to have various options when it comes to decorating the walls in our homes and expressing our personalities. We are spoiled with millions of options of prints and artwork. We’re even exploring the option of wall hangings and murals. But have you ever considered a tapestry for your home? Read on to discover some beautiful tapestries from ‘Fine Art Americaand find out why tapestries may well be the next big interiors trend…

Beautiful Designs

Firstly, the array of beautiful designs available means that there really is something for everyone! ‘Fine Art America’ have an extensive range of tapestries including bohemian styles, whimsical illustrations and watercolour prints, so there really is something to complement every room in your home.


Tapestries are extremely versatile as they can be easily switched out whenever the mood takes you. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to change up their space seasonally and decorate for the various holidays throughout the year? Well, with tapestries, the light fabric and ease of hanging makes it simple to do just that!


Tapestries are very lightweight making them the perfect solution for renters. They can be nailed/thumbtacked to the wall, but will also be secure on command hooks which will leave your walls blemish-free. What a winner!


At ‘Fine Art America’, there is the option to customise your very own tapestry wall art. This is a fantastic way to have a 100% original piece of artwork in your home! Perhaps you have a photograph you are particularly proud of? Or you’d like to be able to celebrate your loved ones by including a picture of them in your home design? Well at ‘Fine Art America’ you can do just that. Simply upload your image to the site, and they’ll do the rest!



Finally, one huge bonus with tapestry art is that no frames are required! Not only does this cut out a fiddly part of the artwork process, but it cuts the cost dramatically too. Therefore, tapestries provide an incredibly affordable way to make your home instantly beautiful.

We hope we’ve given you something to think about when it comes to wall art! Next time you’re deciding how best to decorate your walls, make sure you consider tapestry art. Not only are there some beautiful designs available, but their versatility and flexibility make them the perfect option for lots of homes. Plus, you may save a few pennies in the process…

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