The Preserved Plants Trend – What Are They & Why You Need Them

When it comes to adding the final touches to an interior scheme, nothing does it more perfectly than a spot of foliage. Yes, we’re talking florals, bouquets, greenery & stems. These natural pieces are the ideal cherry on top piece for elevating your home design. Trust us, when you finish installing a project, it never quite feels finished until that final touch is in. But as we all know, all good things must come to an end…yes they wilt, die and even start to smell. Or do they? Well not anymore, yep you heard it right. We’re teaming up with interior guru’s Dowsing & Reynolds to tell you all about “preserved plants”. What are they we hear you say?! Well scroll on down folks…

TOP TIP: If you need to dust your preserved plants, be gentle. Just give them a small shake to knock off any excess dust and they’ll be good as new.

So what are preserved plants?


Well if you hadn’t guessed it, preserved plants are real life stems that have been, well preserved! But they’re proving to be hugely popular in the interiors industry because they can last up to 7 years. That means no faffing around with changing water, replenishing wilting stems or expensive upfront costs to buy more. Dowsing & Reynolds offer an amazing assortment from eucalyptus sprigs, to grass stems and even dried florals.

Why the hype? 

  • They’re non-toxic natural dried / preserved plants which are biodegradable and compostable
  • They are harvested at the optimum point in its growth cycle to capture the strength and colour of the plant, and then processed in drying rooms to remove all natural moisture
  • They last for several years
  • They can save you money
  • They save trips to buy more
  • They won’t droop or sag

Top Tip: Try mixing bouquets to re-create a real floral display. We mixed the pink diosma with the eucalyptus for a colourful bouquet which looks amazing. 

Pics by Richard Kiely

Tips for first time users 

When your bouquet arrives, don’t be surprised if they arrive with a strong odour, this smell will soon disappear.

Additionally, by no means put them in water! These plants are designed to remain dry and putting them near water is not recommended if you want them to last.


Styling ideas 

Don’t feel like you need to stuff an entire vase with a bouquet. You can just as an effective look by separating the stems and putting single stems in a vase for a softer look.

Try mixing and matching bouquets – we mixed the eucalyptus with the diosma pink bouquet and it looks amazing.

What about “living” walls?

So you’re probably wondering if we can really call it a living wall – and you’d be right to wonder this!  So is it alive?! Well actually, it’s not technically no. The moss is harvested and then preserved, which puts it in a dormant state. It’s this state that makes it maintenance free (yasss), so no watering or tending to. Win win!

And according to the team at Dowsing & Reynolds, “this preserved moss has an impressive list of credentials. Not only does it look fabulous, it is also an excellent sound insulator and air humidifier. Bringing greenery into a home has also been shown to improve general wellbeing, counterbalancing the technology we’re surrounded by. Think of this moss wall as an alternative to going for a long peaceful walk in nature”. I’m sold, are you?

So there you have it, long-lasting, cost-saving, stunning preserved plants within reach! To see the entire range by Dowsing & Reynolds, head to their preserved plants range here.

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