Reveal! Creating The Perfect Neutral Paint Colour With COAT

Well today we have some seriously exciting news! We’re over the moon to reveal that we have launched our very own Topology paint colour with COAT! Yes, it’s true! We’ve curated what we believe to be the perfect neutral paint colour. It’s that soft creamy hue that sits as the ideal backdrop to any scheme. Ideal for those who are stuck on finding that tricky off-white and need something to work with both modern and contemporary schemes. So say goodbye to endless paint pot testing and agonising over which neutral works best! Topology x Coat are here to save the day. Curious to know more and see it in situ? Then read on…

The Perfect Neutral Paint Colour: SAFE PLAY

“Safe Play” in action

At the core, the reason why we launched this paint with COAT, is to really help minimise the endless paint pot sampling to find the perfect neutral paint colour. If you know anything about us at Topology, you’ll know that we’re neutral lovers, so finding this shade that works for anyone has been such a fun process. The great thing about “Safe Play” is that it’s one of those adaptable paint colours that changes throughout the day as the light moves around your room, making it a hugely unique and versatile colour that works with all lights and property styles. We can 100% vouch for the fact it’s our new ‘go to’ for a soft neutral whether you’ve got a living room, nursery, bedroom, or kitchen to paint.

To get the best out of this paint colour, always remember to bear in mind the cardinal direction your property faces, as light is hugely impactful on the end result. Below are some tips to help you:


South Facing Properties –  Lucky you! Naturally bright all day long so this allows you to have a great choice of all colours. They do tend to have a bit more yellow light in them though so just bear this in mind if you’re choosing an off-white neutral, you don’t want it to look magnolia. 


East or West Facing Properties – It’s useful to consider when you’ll be using it most. Light in West facing spaces is cooler in the morning and brighter in the afternoon, while the opposite is true for east facing rooms. In East facing rooms, embracing the cooler evening light with light blues and greens can have a beautifully soft and calming effect. In West facing rooms, the warm tones are good options for making the most of strong late afternoon light.


North Facing Properties -Typically gets a lack of light / cooler light. As a result, choosing something with a grey or blue undertone in your paint wouldn’t be advised for this type of space. Instead use something with a warmer undertone like a yellow or brown to counteract the fact this space will be naturally cold. You could also consider going darker to embrace the fact it’s a space with less light.

How we’d describe it

A soft and oaty off-white with undertones of yellow and grey, making it the perfect neutral paint colour for any space.

Paired here with COAT’s “Nomad

See it in Situ

To get you on your road to paint colour heaven, we want you to test the water yourself with “Safe Play” and see how beautiful it can be in your space. So, grab a free sample below!


Use code SAFEPLAY for 3 free swatches.

Please tag us in all your instagram posts so we can see the colour in your own homes! 

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