Online Interior Designers – How do they work?

E-design, online design, remote design, online interior designers – whatever you’ve heard someone call it, it may be confusing to those who have no idea what it is. Here at Topology, we’re here to show you exactly what “e-design” is and how it could potentially help you! After all, we are the longest standing company to offer it in the UK (and the best of course..!) so we must have something to say about it!

Whether you’ve got a 1 room refresh or a whole house to do, e-design is a process that can alleviate the stress that comes with the home design process. Whether it’s the layout that’s causing you a headache or the colour choosing process that has you head in a spin, opting for a designer to help you remotely can really be the answer to a lot of stress and costly mistakes.

But how exactly does it work and what will you truly get out of it?

What’s the first step to get you set up with a designer?

Well quite obviously we’ll need some information about your space(s). So this means we need you to send a small checklist of ingredients to make sure we’re all clued up about the space.

1 – A floorplan with measurements on (see below image of the kind of detail we need)
2 – Some photos of the space
3- A Pinterest board with some inspirational pictures on
4 – Some info about your brief e.g. your favourite colours, shops you like, deadline & budget info etc

^ the Topology team on hand to help you remotely

Once we’ve got these listed bits, we’ll use your floorplan info to draw it up on our software. Usually we can notice if the measurements are a little ‘off’ and we can let you know if we think something doesn’t add up. If all is ok to proceed though, we’ll continue on to draw up a first round of layouts for you. These are provisional and we allow as many tweaks as you want until it’s 100% perfect for you.

Next we move onto “concepts”

Now is when you really get to see the space taking shape. Your designer will start to pull together a few key items to help you bring the space to life. So for example if we were focusing on a bedroom, we’d demonstrate a f ew key items like the bed, side tables, bedside lamps, perhaps a rug & the paint colour too. It’s then at this stage you can let us know if it’s looking great for you, or if you’d like some tweaks. Here at Topology, we offer unlimited revisions on the concept until you’re happy with the product selection. This way, as we start to move into the more in-depth design you know the products we have chosen will be centred around ones you’ve already approved.

Pulling together your presentation

Once the above is sorted, our online interior designers will now start to create a jam-packed presentation for you. In which we’ll pop everything you’ve requested in your brief. Imagine everything from paint suggestions, to window treatment and flooring advice right through to detailed visual aids made on photoshop demonstrating what the space would look like with our ideas. Yes, it’s properly detailed, clear and professionally curated and of course, totally personalised to you.  What’s more is that if you opt for our Premium package (e-design costs found here), our designers will also hand write a special note to you in a posted out welcome pack with all the necessary fabric and paint samples too!

Now it’s down to you

Once we’ve sent over our presentations it’s down to you start shopping! Your shopping list will be pre-uploaded onto the portal and you can view them at any time and as you purchase start to track your expenditure. Yes, this is why you make the online interior designer’s handy-work a reality! We’ll also of course be present for online support should you need a little more hand-holding.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post learning more about our online interior designers! If you want to know about the team read our About Us page, or if you want to pop us an enquiry, email contactus@topologyinteriors.com


  • What a clever process and it’s great that you can work remotely in this post-pandemic age.
    It also makes the whole undertaking more flexible because you can consult from anywhere at any time!

    January 19, 2022

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