Are DFS Sofas Having A Renaissance?

When we say the letters ‘DFS’ to you – what do you think of? Because we don’t know about you, but if we’re talking openly here and you’d asked us this question a few years ago, we probably would have said something along the lines of  “cheap sofas always discounted on tv”. In fact, if we’re being brutally honest here (we’re friends right?) than we’d go so far as to say that we even stopped our clients from buying their sofas. We’re not sure whether we should accredit our former judgement of DFS on our lack of knowledge about the brand and its products (mostly we based everything we knew about them on their TV ads) or whether it’s because they’ve only recently started to up their game with new ranges & collaborations (think FCUK, Joules etc). Whatever the reason however, we’d love to take this opportunity to admit that we’ve totally changed our views on DFS and that up until now, both us and our clients have been missing out. Could this be the start of a DFS renaissance? Let’s find out if so below..

” We’ve totally changed our views on DFS and believe that up until now, both us and our clients have been missing out. Could this be the start of a DFS renaissance? “

Sasha, Athina’s dog models the DFS ‘Hoxton Sofa‘, £899 / From the FCUK collaboration.


When did this renaissance start?

For us personally, the start of this renaissance happened in May this year. We were invited to an event hosted by DFS, Mad About The House (aka Kate Watson Smyth the interior journalist) & Sophie Robinson (aka Great Interior Design Challenge presenter & colour guru). The event was titled ‘DFS House of Colour’ and it gave us a heaps of information on what trends we’re seeing in the sofa world. It genuinely was a really interesting panel talk. This event also gave us a chance to look at DFS products in the flesh. The outcome? We were pleasantly surprised! The room sets created really proved to us that DFS had the ability to look stylish. Their products were more than just discounted leather sofas on TV! We were so impressed in fact, that you may have noticed that Athina has only gone and got the Hoxton Sofa (pictured above) for her own home! After sitting on it at the event, it was love at first sit.


For full disclosure this isn’t a sponsored post but they did give Athina a discount to buy the sofa.


Where is the proof of this renaissance?

They’ve done two things in recent times to make us feel as though they’re undergoing a big change in brand identity. Firstly, they’ve worked with big names in the interiors game. Namely the above mentioned Mad About The House & Sophie Robinson, but more recently a small collaboration with 2LG. These interior experts would not put their show their faces publicly with DFS without feeling as though they’ve got some substance. Secondly, DFS seem to be teaming up left right and centre with some amazing companies. All of which we think give others brands like Habitat, MADE.com etc a run for their money. They’e a real head turner in terms of their designs & price points. Our favourite is the French Connection range. The FCUK x DFS sofas called The Quartz, Hoxton, Hackney & Zinc have proven to be popular with the instagram community & our clients.



Are we impressed by the quality for real?

It’s not all about visual style though. A sofa is an investment piece at the end of the day so it needs to be put to the test. Comfort & quality are also key. After having tested out the DFS Sofa named ‘Hoxton’ for a month now in Athina’s home, we can confirm that both Athina, Sasha and boyfriend Theo are really happy with both. It’s not only transformed the room but god it’s comfy. Granted, it does require a bit of plumping on the back cushions, but what sofa doesn’t? Have a look at the pictures below and you can see how the rooms come together.


So all in all – we’re saying YES to DFS sofas and think you should to!


  • Hi, glad to find your post with specific mention for the Hoxton style. Can you please say what colour the one in the pictures is? The samples on DFS website do not seem representative and they do not have it in their showrooms! Thanks

    October 17, 2019
  • Kay

    I’d also like to know what colour the Hoxton in these pictures is. Does anyone know? I’ve ordered samples from.DFS but they’re often so small, you can’t get an accurate representation.

    January 1, 2021

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