Our 10 Interior Design Trends 2024

Calling all interior enthusiasts! As we approach the new year, it’s time to take a look at what Topology predict to be the top 10 interior design trends for 2024. From retro finds, to stainless steel, we’ve got the things lined up to be hot next year, so let’s dive in…

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Our 10 Interior Design Trends For 2024



Our first interior design trend prediction for 2024 is stainless steel & chrome. First it was the era of rose gold and all things copper, then brass paved the way. But now we’re entering back into the chrome & stainless steel era with thanks to it’s retro past. From Architectural Digest to Elle Decoration, all the big interior pioneers are saying chrome is back. Can you see this trend catching on? 


Spa-inspired bathrooms have been growing in popularity this year and we’re set to see this continue in 2024. This includes the use of elegant materials such as marble and quartz, as well as including moody spa-like lighting within the design to create a serene self care focused space.


We think we’re set to see a lot of jazzed up curtains in 2024. By this we mean via the trim- whether it’s a wavy one or something more modern & unique.



When it comes to colour palettes in the home, we’ve already seen an increase in bolder colour choices and pairings in 2023, and predict this will continue into the new year. Think inviting earthy tones such as terracotta and ochre that evoke a sense of calm and connect us with nature. Check out Little Greene’s ‘sweet treat’ palette launch for a selection of these warm, earthy paint colours. We’ll also see the use of deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and burgundy that bring a touch of opulence to an interior.


Technology will of course be a big part of our everyday lives in 2024, as smart homes keep getting even smarter.Think automated lighting, temperature control, and smart furniture that adapts to your preferences. For those looking to up their tech-game within the home we’d recommend the Phillips Hue lighting system, Google Nest Home range.  



With environmental consciousness at the forefront, sustainability will take center stage as a key interior design trend in 2024. Bring the outdoors inside with sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood flooring, organic or recycled fabrics, and natural finishes. We’re also loving the Unnatural Flooring Company who do Sisal style carpets out of 100% recycled fabrics. And it’s worth giving the Soho Lighting company a shout out who have their ‘Ocean’ lighting range made out of old recycled fishing nets and other plastics.


Bye bye reeded, fluted, slatted wood textures and hello to the honeycomb. Another interior trend prediction we see blowing up in 2024 is the rise of honeycomb effect wooden furniture. 



From lamps, to art to mirrors & more irregular shapes have been a strong feature in many interiors over the last couple of years. However, now we’re seeing their presence more making their way into rug & cushion shapes. Etsy is a great place to explore these sorts of finds. 


This is a trend that’s shot up by over 500% on Pinterest searches & it’s all down to our love for finding a good second hand bargain.  From thrift stores to vintage markets, and online platforms you can discover unique hidden gems everywhere. Check out Vinterior for all your vintage furniture needs! A top tip for finding some great finds also is to set your search radius on something like Facebook Marketplace as an affluent area (e.g. Chelsea or Mayfair in London) and you can usually find more premium finds. 



We will continue to see a resurgence in retro style within the home, including Mid-century modern furniture, bold geometric patterns, and vintage-inspired accessories. Combine the best of the past with contemporary elements to create a space that feels both timeless and on-trend. We love the Poodle & Blonde wallpaper range  which is just the right nod to notable era’s.

Whether you’re drawn to the calm of nature-inspired designs, the boldness of moody hues, or the retro charm of yesteryears, 2024 invites you to create a home that reflects you and your unique style. If you’re interested in renovating  in the new year, whether that be a whole house or a single room, get in touch via hello@topologyinteriors.com to discuss your project. 

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