Design Talk: The Importance Of Daylight

Here at Topology, we are HUGE advocates of how the importance of daylight can have a huge impact on not only on a space we design, but on our wellbeing too. And we’re not alone! There’s actually a vast amount of research to back up how light levels can improve our mood. So, naturally we often try to emphasise increased light exposure in our designs. Whether it’s as simple as hanging a mirror opposite a window or adding more lamps in a space, we often try to implement this. But, we often get asked about the science behind the design theory! Therefore, we thought it would be useful to turn to the experts over at VELUX and ask them some of key questions.
In this post, we speak to Frederik Gierding whose recent work for VARIO by VELUX has got him clued up on all things light! Have a read and let us know how light impacts your day when indoors. Something we are all are experiencing a whole lot more of at the moment…!

We chat to Frederik Gierding, from VARIO by VELUX, to discuss the importance of daylight…

Can you explain the importance of daylight? Why does natural light have such an impact on our mental health / wellbeing? 

According to the World Health Organisation, with flexible working on the rise, we now spend 90% of our time indoors and 70% of the time in our homes. So, it is more important than ever to be aware of the importance of daylight and how can impact our daily lives and mental health. Additionally, how the design of our homes needs to factor in optimising light.

Natural light has come up time and time again in various studies as a key factor associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower levels of fatigue and reduced eyestrain. Additionally, the right amount of daylight can lead to a better 24-hour body cycle and circadian rhythm. Ultimately, natural light has a direct link to our mental wellbeing and thus it is imperative to bring natural light into the home through the design process.

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Top Fact:

Research shows that improved levels of lighting can make reading and studying faster by 18%.

Which rooms benefit the most from natural light and why?

In short, all! As I mentioned, we spend the majority of our time in our homes, so getting in as much light as possible should be the goal. However we know that this is not always possible due to the layout of your home or budget. When we are working with our customers, we always suggest looking to include natural light within the rooms where they spend most of their time. Quite often this is either the kitchen or living spaces. Both of which can be transformed by a bespoke roof-light such as the Vario by VELUX.

Kitchens and living areas. The inclusion of more natural daylight will not only impact on wellbeing, but from a design perspective, opens a world of options in terms of more dramatic colour schemes.

For those rooms short on space, vertical lighting also doubles the effect of light within that room. Whilst also creating an illusion of more space. Vario by VELUX provides a ‘fifth wall’ that can be used to transform one’s space, allowing you to be more expressive in the design process and amplify your style within your home.

Top Tip:

For a quick increased lighting fix, hang a mirror opposite a window or underneath a skylight /roof-light.
It bounces more light around the room all throughout the day.

Why is vertical light better than horizontal i.e. bifold doors?

When considering a house extension, it’s important to understand how directional light in design can help transform and improve a space. People often place a lot of focus on horizontal façade natural lighting through windows or bi-fold doors. Although it is important to create an architectural flow between the living space, it’s worth bearing the following in mind. When an extension is added to any house, the light influx will be moved outwards towards the garden, which often creates dark areas both in the extension and especially in the original part of the home.

Thus, vertical light through a roof-light is essential to consider in extensions. It’s a truly transformational effect is desired. As mentioned, flooding a space with vertical light can make a room seem much bigger and brighter, as the light is filtered down across the entire room.

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Easy ways to add more natural light into your home in a design conscious manner?

Bespoke roof-lights such as Vario by VELUX are the perfect solution to adding more natural light into your home. Vario by Velux is bespoke and affordable, so it can offer a solution to any room, offering crisp, custom-made designs to sculpt a space with natural light and welcome nature indoors.

Architecturally, bespoke roof-lights such as those offered by Vario by VELUX also bring to life another dimension in home design. Moving away from static 2D living where walls are blockers to the outside world towards 3D living where even a fifth wall can become an extension of nature. The customisation element of the Vario by VELUX range allows design-conscious homeowners to become more involved in the design process. Thus, creating a unique solution to fit their lifestyle needs and bring more light and fresh air into the home.

We hope this has answered any questions you may have about the importance of daylight into your home, however if you do have any more questions, please do drop us a message on Instagram and we’ll see if we can help.

This post has been sponsored by Vario by VELUX, but as usual, we only ever work with brands we respect & trust.

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