Designing Noma: London Apartments For Stylish Living

You may know that earlier in 2018 we collaborated with high street homeware favourite Habitat. It was a month long collaboration whereby we designed a living room installation that was set up in their flagship store (you can read about it ​here​). The installation scheme reflected contemporary small space living and it just so happened to catch the eye of a developer whilst he was browsing the store. A few months later and we were in discussion with both FRT Developments & Habitat about a fantastic design opportunity on a property development site named ‘NOMA’.

What is Noma:

To give you a bit of information about NOMA, it’s a collection of 51 newly built apartments in West London, moments away from Isleworth Railway station. The exclusive collection of beautiful homes has generous balconies, landscaped riverside gardens and sweeping city views. West London’s most exclusive riverside villages are within walking distance and the West End or Waterloo are just a short train ride away. For those who don’t know, Isleworth is a thriving London village offering an enviable lifestyle. Think bakers, florists, delis, furniture shops and coffee hotspots. All of the above can all be found within close proximity to NOMA.

The apartments have sleek integrated appliances with quartz worktops’, open plan living spaces and city views for those on higher floors. So naturally, when FRT Developments approached us about creating a design scheme or ‘furniture package’ for their apartments we knew it was an opportunity not to be turned down.

The Task:

The task at hand was to create, as mentioned, a ‘furniture package’ using Habitat products. By using us at Topology to carefully curate a selection of furniture, NOMA buyers have the option of moving into a furnished space. Not only is this convenient, but more importantly it offers a space that’s a cut above the rest with a strong design focus. So how did we begin the curation process and what Habitat products made the cut?

We started off by trying to imagine who would be living in NOMA and came to the conclusion that it would be young professionals. Essentially both couples and individuals made up of mostly Generation Y (us millennials)! These guys like the nice things in life – aesthetics are important to them and they’re aspirational. Thus, we knew we had to create a furniture package that was sleek, fresh and modern.

“The task at hand was to create a ‘furniture package’ using Habitat products for the inhabitants of Noma’.

For The Living Room:

We started off with the key pieces: a sofa, dining table and chairs. Dark blue and velvet have been two popular – yet timeless – trends over the last couple of years. In light of this, we decided to opt for Habitat’s navy velvet Hendricks sofa. It’s worth pointing out though that Noma inhabitants can choose their favourite colour for their own apartments. For the dining table and chairs we wanted something sophisticated, so we went for the Vince range in a beautiful walnut wood, which has an effortlessly high end appearance.

The walnut theme continues throughout as the TV unit and nesting coffee tables we chose have dark accents. It was here we began to notice a great scheme come together. The Blyth side table with built in storage was a practical addition (ideal in living rooms as it hides away unsightly cables and wires) and it’s glossy, mushroom hued base is sleek and smart. Next we added some homely elements i.e. soft furnishings. These included a thick woven rug and a couple of understated cushions for the sofa.

A lot of the apartments will be bought through Help To Buy scheme and therefore for many of the the buyers it will be their first home, so we wanted the design to be somewhere between luxe and down to earth, which we’re confident we achieved!


The Bedroom:

We envisaged a relaxing space that the residents could unwind in. Most of the residents, would be commuters travelling, so it was important the bedroom provided a space of tranquility. How did we do this? The bed, dressing table and mirror chosen are all lightweight in appearance. Thus, the eye can see through them to other parts of the room. This creates a sense of ongoing space – the key to feeling unrestricted and calm. Although we added a hint of quirky style with a zebra rug and abstract art, the design scheme is still easily adaptable to one’s personal taste. We believe that it’s hugely important that a bedroom is a sanctuary that caters to an individual’s needs to make them feel as comfortable as possible. We truly wanted the buyers to have the option to personalise it.

As you will have noticed the full room shots are yet to be publicised. We’ll be sharing these very soon though! Furthermore, do stay tuned as later this year we’ll be bringing the show flat to life. 

If you want to learn more about project NOMA, please head to this link: http://www.nomaisleworth.co.uk​

All images supplied by F10 and are CGI’s.