Create a seamless transition between your home and garden

Who loves a home which connects through to a garden? We do! Not only does this increase the feeling of space inside and outside the home, but it also extends the living space from the home entirely, creating quite the impact. There’s been this huge trend of “bringing the outdoors in”, creating biophilic spaces and rooms that ooze urban jungle feelings. Here at Topology, we truly believe that the garden is just another ‘room’ in your home – just an external one! So we’ve teamed up with Prima Porcelain to show you how to nail that indoor-outdoor look using tiles – Prima Porcelain who specialises in just the thing!

primaporcelain concrete grey tile

Creating that seamless transition between your home and garden can be a tricky element to pull off. The flow within a home is compromised when something awkward interrupts it or when it’s cut off. But by having tiles extending from your living space right through to your garden you can really hone in on this feeling of seamlessness. Consider one continuous tile from your extension bi-folding doors right through to your terrace. This really lets you open up the home so you can embrace the beautiful outdoors and make the most of the space we call home.

Top Tips On How To Achieve The Look

Keep the step as small as possible between home and garden.
This  can seem obvious but this isn’t the only thing to consider when creating a seamless transition. An even level with create a continuous flow!


Ensure the flooring remains similar or even the same throughout.
This is why we love the PrimaPorcelain Indoor/outdoor tiles. The tiles also come in endless finishes so there is something for everyone!


Make sure you get the right tiles!
The PrimaPorcelain Indoor/outdoor tiles are pretty exceptional both aesthetically and practically but what makes them perfect for this indoor-outdoor look is the fact they’re stain-resistant, slip-resistant, frostproof, fade-resistant, easy to clean, and require no maintenance!


Opt for a tile with a natural finish
To create a sense of harmony between home and garden we would recommend opting for tiles with a natural finish to them. This will also help add a little warmth to the inside too.


Plant linking
Additionally, to enhance the flow between the indoors and outdoors consider linking the plants you have in your garden with the inside space to make it feel more natural.

primaporcelain siena basalt tile
primaporcelain bolzano white tiles

We hope you’re now a little inspired to achieve a seamless transition from your home to your garden. For more information on PrimaPorcelain visit their website here. This has been a sponsored post but as ever we never recommend brands that we don’t absolutely love or trust!

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