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calming bedroom decor

Project Reveal: How To Create Calming Bedroom Decor

W henever we finish a project here at Topology Interiors, it’s always a real pleasure to be able to share with you the end result. This time is no exception as we’re showcasing a recent 1 bedroom new build apartment. To set the scene the budget was around £6k which may sound like a lot of money, but it soon gets quickly spent when it has to include everything down to the little details – think spatulas and chopping boards! In terms of design work for this project, the kitchen was pre-installed by the development company as well as the floors, carpets & bathroom. Thus, our job was to fit out the bedroom and open plan living-dining space with furniture & accessories – including the installation of light fittings & window dressings. In this post, we’ll be discussing the bedroom design. We’ll cover everything from brands we used to products we love – so scroll on down & enjoy

The Before

The Brief

First up, the bedroom. This space was a total blank canvas with nothing in it except a large window, dark carpet & white walls. The client wanted to ensure this space was the perfect resting place for friends & family who use it, and therefore wanted us to create a scheme that was welcoming and cosy (with a hint of eclecticism). For us, this meant creating a space that was well lit, comfortable and luxurious.

Bespoke Curtains

In light of the above, it was really important for us to pay special attention to the window treatment. Especially when you have a window of this size – over 2m wide & with a drop of 2.5m! We therefore spoke to bespoke curtain makers ‘Couture Living’as we knew we’d be in safe hands. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re a young company based in the UK with a selection of experts at hand with decades of experience between them. All that is required from you to place an order are your dimensions & choice of fabric and they do the rest (they have a huge choice of amazing fabrics on their website).

Since we had to use a ceiling track in this bedroom (we used a silent gliss track) we wanted a ‘wave’ header type curtain. In our opinion they’re easy to install & visually beautiful.  Although this is not something you’ll find advertised on their website it’s definitely a request they were happy to accommodate to. So a big thank you to Couture Living for creating this bespoke header type for us! Fabric wise, we chose Abgindon Ivory (PF5040 104)which was a combination of polyester & linen, so in terms of durability it’s the best of both worlds (being partly artificial & partly man-made). When they arrived, the quality felt fantastic and they hung perfectly so overall, we couldn’t be more pleased – and neither could the client! Scroll down for some pictures. To discover more about Couture Living you can follow them on their social channels Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter& Pinterest.

The Before

The Artwork, Paint & Lights

Other elements which were important for us to focus on were the paint colour, artwork, furniture & lighting. The paint colour we chose was Farrow & Ball’s ‘Shaded White’ which we’d not used before. It didn’t’ let us down though as it was a great neutral backdrop for a calming scheme and worked really well with the navy, pink, brass & mustard hues found in the rest of the scheme.

The artwork was from Paper Collective– our new favourite poster brand! Their contemporary designs such as Shapes of Colour 01and 02have a modernist feel to them. Think Picasso meets Matisse meets Jean Cocteau.

The lights we used were installed by our electrician. For anyone curious about installing wall lights, it’s not as expensive or time consuming as you may think. As long as you’ve got electricity (i.e. plug sockets) nearby, it’s something you can do in just a couple of hours. These lights were around the £20 mark so this type of light installation process was not expensive either. The ones pictures were from Perch & Parrow – don’t forget to buy some new switches too!

The Bed

Lastly, we wanted to use an upholstered bed as we find a material based headboard gives off a much more luxurious and comfortable bed base than a wooden or metal frame. We used the MADE.COM roscoe bed, which we’ve used before our Coventry project.The bed is amazing value, great quality & a super quick delivery which was really important for us.  To bring the ‘hint of eclecticism’ the client requested, we combined this traditional style bed with one of MADE.com’s vetro table lamps as it’s contemporary colorful design brings about a sense of fun to the space whilst also creating a well-lit ambience.

For more information on products, brands, budgets etc do drop us a line and we’ll gladly answer any questions we can. Or if you have any enquiries about using us for a design project you’ve got, please do get in touch – we’re reachable on 0207 582 4354 or info@topologyinteriors.com.


Most photos taken Georgia Burns, the odd one taken by us. This post has been sponsored by Couture Living. 

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