Let’s Discuss: What Is The Best Home Renovation?

With March in full swing, it comes as no surprise that many of us are starting to think about altering our home designs. There’s something about Spring, that calls for a re-fresh, making it the ideal season for home improvements. And no, we’re not talking about a new cushion on the sofa – we’re talking renovations! Although some of us will shudder at just the sight of the word ‘renovation’, what a lot of us fail to realise is just how financially sensible they can be and how impactful the long-term gains are. From increasing a property’s value to getting more enjoyment out of a space, the benefits are un-deniably tempting. To find out what is the best home renovation, all you need to consider is whether a renovation is right for your personal needs and desires. Scroll on down to see some of our best home renovation ideas based on your needs…

home renovation

If your family is growing consider a…loft renovation

If the family is growing, so should your house! Instead of moving somewhere else, why not hold on to your asset and consider extending upwards. Loft conversions are a great way to add value onto a property and add extra space for your growing family needs. How decadent does a master suite at the top of the house sound! To make the most of one, allow as much light in as possible via the roof, perhaps through the use of a VELUX roof window. Not only will light exposure make the space feel spacious and welcoming but it’s important for adding ventilation & controlling temperature.

If you want to entertain more consider an…extension

Extensions are a great way to increase the size of a home when space is lacking, particularly in communal areas (think kitchen, dining area etc). So if a lack of space sounds familiar, you might want to consider one! At the end of the day, a home should be somewhere where we can congregate as a family to entertain, relax and spend time with one another, so if your space would benefit from sliding doors into a garden, or more flowing ground floor, consider the benefits of extending your property and the effects it will have on your day to day life.

If your want to better working a home consider…adding more light 

If you’ve got a potential work space at home that’s starting to look a bit tired, one of the most effective things you can alter is quite simply the amount of light a space gets. In light of this (no pun intended!) try adding mirrors into a space to bounce light around a room, adding extra electrical light sources at different heights (e.g. down lighters, uplighters, table lamps etc), painting the space in brighter colours or even adding a VELUX sun tunnel or window to brighten up a dark corner.

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