Amazon Rainforest Inspired Decor: Bring It To You

Despite so many uncertainties around right now with regards to Covid-19, many of us are itching to get away for that annual summer break! But with travel restrictions in place, fears that it’s not totally safe and that we could end up having to quarantine, makes it seem illogical to start scanning for flights! So, it’s important for us to come up with new ways to bring that holiday feeling home. That’s why, when London’s leading estate agent Marsh & Parsons got in touch, we were thrilled at the challenge of being asked to create an interiors look that emulated the Amazon rainforest! Their message is that if you can’t get away, why not bring the holiday home? Can you create a gallery wall to emulate the Louvre? Or snuggle up in a cosy den with dimly lit fairy lights to pretend like you’re amongst the Northern Lights?

Creating The Look

To create our rainforest look, we thought a “work-from-home” set up would be best. With so many of us working from home right now it’s become more important than ever to create inspiring work areas that energise us and help us feel creative & productive. According to research there is planty, sorry plenty, of scientific study to prove this. For example, we know that plants are hugely beneficial in our homes as not only can they detoxify the air up to 94% within 24 hours giving us cleaner air to breathe, but the inclusion of them can also subconsciously connect us with nature. As a result, this in turn lowers our blood pressure and makes us feel calmer. In light of this, we thought it important to overload the space with a burst of natural greenery to really show off the power of plants and hone in on that rainforest look. 

Using Natural Materials

We also thought it important to inject natural materials into this set up that tied in the rainforest theme. We used concrete planter pots, rattan chairs & rustic woods to emulate this. One of our favourite hacks is to use the IKEA IVAR pine cabinetwhich can be bought in multiples to create an extensive sideboard. We’ve chosen to keep it raw and untreated, but you could paint it, wall hang it or even add handles to create your own look.

Where To Buy Your Plants

We also used plants from Canopy plants to bring in the rainforest look. If you’re not a green fingered person, try low maintenance plants such as trailing pothos, palms or anything from the succulent family to ensure you’ll be able to look after your plants. 

So there you have it! An Amazon rainforest look you can try to help you bring the holiday home! This is part of a paid campaign with estate agent gurus Marsh & Parsons, leaders since 1856 with expertise in sales and lettings. For more information, head to their website https://www.marshandparsons.co.uk/ And why not check out their own blog post, on the topic here?

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