5 Things You Should Know Before Installing LVT Luxury Vinyl Tiles

I f you’ve been lead to this post it’s most likely because you are wanting to know a little more about different types of flooring as chances are you’re considering a flooring update. So, if you are, have you ever considered luxury vinyl tiles aka “LVT”. In recent years LVT ranges offer a similarity to real wood that is uncanny yet it can be much cheaper. Additionally, there are many benefits to LVT over real wood so we thought it might be handy for you to find out what these. This way you’re clued up before spending money on what is typically an investment for most. So scroll on down to find out more…

The facts…

1. Choose your tradesmen wisely. Installing LVT tiles can be a slightly trickier process than say a click-lock laminate so make sure you do your research and ensure your tradesmen is fully qualified. If anything were to go wrong with the installation it can be a costly mistake to rectify.

2. Consider whether you want to opt for glue down vs. click lock LVT tiles. The main difference is the installation. Typically glue down planks are cheaper, however you may find the installation costs you most as it’s more time-consuming and requires more skill. Click down planks may be more expensive but may be cheaper to install due to the fact it’s a simple process to install.

If you’re worried about potential flooding or damage to the floor boards (e.g. perhaps you’re in a liable to floor area, a basement home or are a landlord) consider glue down options as if you have any areas that get damaged you only need to remove the affectd tiles, whereas if you opt for the click-down option any damaged areas that need to be replaced means the entire floor will need to come up which can be expensive!

A recent snap of a project where we installed Oak effect LVT luxury vinyl tiles. Picture taken by Richard Kiely.

3. Contrary to what you might initially think, LVT luxury vinyl tiles can be used in wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchen areas.

4. Make sure you allow your LVT to rest for at least 24 hours in the space where you are installing it so it has time to acclimatize. Don’t stand the tiles / planks upright, make sure you lie them down flat.

5. Make sure you have installed the correct flooring underlay or levelling compounde. the bit that goes beneath the LVT before installing. Some people may opt for screeding as a levelling compound or others may use ply. We’ve found that a 6mm plyboard works well.

A recent snap of a project where we installed Walnut effect LVT luxury vinyl tiles. Picture taken by Richard Kiely.

We hope this has cleared up some decisions for you on how to decide on what LVT luxury flooring tiles flooring to buy! If you have any questions, do drop us a message on Instagram and we’ll see if we can help.


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