3 Brands That Are Pioneering The Interiors & Wellbeing Trend

You may have seen that we’ve recently decided to focus all of our content this month on wellness and wellbeing! Click here to find out why.  Is it just us, or is the ‘interiors and wellbeing’ movement cropping up everywhere at the moment?  We all know that the concept of ‘wellbeing’ and it’s been a hot topic in other facets of our lives for a solid few years now – think ‘clean’ eating, mindfulness, exercise, natural skin products etc. Now though, it appears as though the interiors industry are the ones bucking up their ideas and creating products for the home that’ll improve our wellbeing. Amen to that.

The research taking place is radical and life-changing and to be honest we’re thrilled to see where the trend takes us in 2019 and beyond. We genuinely believe that in a few years’ time, adding a wellbeing element to your home design will simply be a given. Seeing as we’re generation anxiety, who doesn’t need a bit of that! While many home brands are capitalising on the trend, there are just a handful who are actually using cutting-edge technology to design products that will really improve our lives. So let us educate you on the brands who care. Here’s three of the pioneers who are worth shouting about.

Warmth & Wellbeing

Warmth and wellbeing are leading the way in alternative heating products for the home. They’ve developed heating panels and rugs that use infrared light to create a comforting warmth in your house. Infrared light is what is used to incubate babies and it’s proven to be the most effective way to heat a room.


How does it work?

When the beams of infrared light come into contact with objects – or humans! – it ‘excites’ the atoms and causes the object to warm up. But why is this better than your average radiator / heater? First of all, the infrared light doesn’t put out air currents that spreads the accumulation of dust in addition to circulating pollution around the room. What this means is that by switching to Warmth & Wellbeing panels you should experience positive effects on your breathing and overall sleep quality. This is especially great news for those who are hyper-allergic to dust or have breathing difficulties. In general, clean air to aid good breathing in the home is one of the most important aspects of our wellbeing – it creates a relaxing atmosphere and helps us to de-stress. What’s more, the energy efficiency of infrared heating is miles ahead of standard heating solutions, which means you can cut monthly household costs down drastically. So implementing Warmth & Wellbeing products will help remove the strain that comes along with annoyingly high bills. One could say their stress relieving too now..? 


Which products should you choose?

Warmth & Wellbeing offer wall mounted and freestanding panels options and interestingly…rugs! What’s fantastic about this is that they can be discreet or potentially hidden. This is great news for the interior designer or house-proud homeowner who hates a visually clunky radiator or a part of the room that becomes un-useable because a radiator is in the way!

If you’re on a tight budget, opt for the rugs, which are more affordable and still effective. They’re super cosy and help the circulation of blood in the feet! Win win. The wall mounted panels are more of an investment, yet they’re still 40% cheaper than standard heating products. Plus, they’re overall heating solution for your space and the innovative design will save you money in the long run. So all in all, Warmth & Wellbeing get a yes from us!


Simba Sleep

What we love about Simba is their no nonsense approach. Their manifesto is simple: there should be zero-compromise to a good night’s sleep. There’s not much more too it other than to get a good rest, you need a good night’s sleep. Simba offers three mattresses designed and engineered with the optimum amount of pocket springs and memory foam, to ensure that you’re getting the best nights sleep possible. All of Simba’s products are hypo-allergenic so people with asthma or breathing problems will benefit massively from that and also generally having a comfortable mattress is wildly important for sleep. 

Plus, they’re not unattainable in terms of price. Simba offer single mattresses starting at £379. I know what you might be thinking – it’s not that cheap but they’re an investment piece. For the quality and the health / sleep benefits it will provide, it’s an decent price.



Last but not least, Lumie. You may have heard of these guys before – we’ve seen them pop up in a couple of wellness magazines and some friends own them and sing their praises. What are Lumie alarm clocks? They are essentially alarm clocks that wake you up with gradual light projections rather than sound.

Why are they better than regular alarm clocks? ‘I like waking up to the sound of my alarm clock’ – said no body, ever. Secondly, studies have shown that wake-up lights that turn on gradually and get brighter during the last 30 minutes of sleep can reduce the chances of sleep paralysis (have you ever experienced this? It’s CRAZY. And terrifying. Amy used to get it all the time when she was constantly stressed out from her day job). The way you wake up is so so important – you want to get up in a good REM phase because it’s vital to helping you maintain a positive mood. The Lumie alarm clocks are perfect for maintaining your calm as your sleep comes to an end. 

So there you have it – three brands who are bossing the interiors and wellbeing trend. Remember, small changes can make a huge and positive difference on your mental health. Keep your eyes peeled in September as we’ll be sharing a whole load more tips surrounding wellbeing in the home right here on the blog!


Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links. This post was also sponsored by Warmth & Wellbeing but we’d never endorse a product or brand we don’t love and admire.