It’s permeated it’s way through food, through exercise and now through interiors!? Yes wellness or wellbeing, whatever you want to call it, is making ripples in the home decor industry. Whether you want to increase your mindfulness, boost your energy or get a better sleep, there are plenty of changes we can make to create a better home and as a result of that – a better you.

The tips are surprisingly easy and interesting too; for example changing your bedroom colour to blue can lower your blood pressure or altering the orientation of your wall decor can create balance. The concept of creating a better wellbeing through our homes is something we’re willing to try. Are you? 

world wellness week

Having tapped into the whole ‘colour psychology’ thing earlier this year, its meant we’ve organically started to research the concept of wellbeing as a whole at home. So when we found out that it’s globally ‘World Wellness Week‘ from the 19th – 22nd September we knew it was a great opportunity to jump on board the wellness wagon. So how are we celebrating!? Well all posts this month will be centred around how to create a more positive space to live in. Oh and we’ll be running our biggest giveaway ever by giving you a chance to win a ‘pamper bundle giveaway’  – details on how to enter & what’s up for grabs is below.


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world wellness week

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More prizes TBA! Winner announced on 1st Oct. 

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world wellness week

What to expect this month… 


To give you a little bit of info on what sort of topics we’ll be covering this month, all blog posts will be focusing on ways you can improve your home. See the schedule below and remember to subscribe to be kept up to date weekly. After September is over, we’ll be reverting back to just one monthly newsletter.


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We sincerely hope you enjoy our wellbeing month – please do join in the fun and support us by subscribing! Best of luck for the competition too! 



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