7 Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without

We hate to say it but…now that Halloween is over it feels almost acceptable to start talking about Christmas. Don’t hate us for it – hate Tesco’s. They’re the ones that have had mince pies and canapés out since the end of September! But in all seriousness, the festive season is creeping up on us and that means a lot of time is going to be spent in the kitchen. You know the drill – there’s prepping the Christmas Eve supper, the 3 different types of stuffing, the turkey on Christmas Day, the Yule log and so on. So, it got us thinking about what our kitchen essentials would be. From Brabantia to IKEA, let’s see what 7 kitchen essentials we think you should try…


Our 7 Kitchen Essentials

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1. Brabantia Bo Touch Bin, £149

We didn’t think it was possible to lust over a bin until we came across these bad boys. The Bo Touch Bin is just one of the many amazingly sleek and effortlessly cool bins from Brabantia. Your rubbish has never bin so stylish – yes we went there. 

2.Stone Salt & Pepper Bowl Set, £17.99

Whoever said kitchen utensils aren’t sexy is so wrong. We are mesmerised by this little due from H&M home that is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen space. Maybe not a live or die kitchen essential but definitely a style essential. These little fellas keep going in and out of stock so be quick if you see them come back in online!

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3. Stoneware Bowl,  £8.99

Stoneware addict? Us too! Which is why we love these small bowls from H&M home that’ll be sure to be provide your kitchen with that laid-back-cool-look you’ve tried to hard to create but really needn’t try hard to achieve. Pair it back with mango wood serving boards & bowls to complete the look.


4. Gold Serving Spoons, £11.00

Give your kitchen the Midas touch with these Bloomingville serving spoons from Trouva – the home of independant boutiques. You can find some cheaper elsewhere online at Clas Ohlson, but these have a tad more flair. 

5. Brabantia Storage Jars, £22.95

Organisation in the kitchen is the key to breasy cooking. Try using storage jars to not only keep items from going stale but also to neaten up the insides of your cupboards. Trust us, your inner OCD will thank us later. 


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6. A Spice Rack, £68.99

This industrial style shelving rack from Maisons Du Monde is a great option if you’ve run out of cabinet space. Try storing your spices in the wrack and write passive aggressive notes to your other half, we mean your shopping list on the chalk board. 


7. A Sleek Black Tap, £55.99

Kate Watson Smythe aka Mad About The House once told us that ‘every space needs a bit of black’. Amen to that! Black hardware in kitchens be they your handsles, taps etc is a must. We love this black on from Victorian Plumbing. 




What are your kitchen essentials? Let us know what products are a must in your kitchen by commenting below.