Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Scheme With A Focus On Wellbeing

It’s clear to us that a huge trend for 2019 leading into 2019 is all about creating environments which can be beneficial to our ‘wellbeing’. In fact, it’s a buzz word you’ve probably heard us mention repetitively . But how can our interiors improve our wellbeing, we hear you say. Well you may be surprised to learn that small things like adding certain colours or including a connection to nature in our spaces can calm and de-stress us.  So when we designed this bedroom in Athina’s South West London flat, we knew we wanted to focus on creating a space that was centered around wellbeing. How have we achieved this? Through methods of shelf styling, plants & calming colours. Keen on the specifics? Then scroll on down…

“How have we achieved a relaxing bedroom scheme with an emphasis on wellbeing? Through methods of shelf styling, plants & calming colours”

Include A Calming Paint Colour That Doesn’t Overstimulate

For this relaxing bedroom scheme, we first up chose the paint colour. We knew that to create a calming space than can promote a better sleep we needed to choose something that doesn’t stimulate the brain. Although you could say grey is overdone, we couldn’t help but resist Little Greene’s ‘French Mid Grey’ colour. This colour says ‘serenity’ to us. It was also recommended by the lovely Jess from Gold Is A Neutral!

Pay Attention To Your ‘Shelfie’

You may or may not have seen a while back we spoke to shelf styling pro & ‘Shelfie’ author Martha Roberts. She spoke to us about how cathartic, relaxing and de-stressing styling our shelves can be. So much so that it can actually promote mindfulness. If you missed it you can read it here. We actually put her tips into practice and styled the invisible HAY shelf from AMARA in this bedroom with plants.  This gave us a chance to include some natural greenery which is crucial for connecting us with nature.

Incorporate Natural Products

Wood is a key ingredient to creating a relaxing bedroom scheme. Natural products that have a connection to nature subconsiously connect us with earth and help to de-stress and relax us. We chose this mango wood sideboard unit from Wayfair & oak carafe from LSA for the bedroom to achieve just this. You could however try things like jute or rattan products too.


Adding A Bit Of Blue

The final touch is adding some blue. We opted for a Wayfair headboard by Hazelwood in the ‘Marine’ colour. It’s proven through colour psychology that the sight of blue can relax as it can lower your blood pressure. It’s a no brainer therefore that including a touch of blue to the place where you sleep is a great way of promoting relaxation just before bed.

So there you have it! A relaxing bedroom scheme created with plants, relaxing colours, unstimulative paint colours & plants. If you’ve enjoyed this post or like the pictures you see feel free to share & pin the content!