Case study

Modern Luxury Bathrooms

Location - Finchley, London

In this case study we’ll be shining a light on just how effective our e-design packages can be. For this lovely client, Topology were asked to quickly transform two bathrooms in a large family home, from none existent spaces to luxurious and modern bathrooms to unwind in.

Our e-design package – the full works, £699 –  allowed us to work with the client remotely. From the sidelines, we were not only acting as a personal cheerleader to help her power through the chaos & stress a renovation this size can throw at you, but also as a head to bounce ideas off. Our intention with our online design consultancy is always to take some of the stress off the client and also provide professional advice form start to finish to ensure the bathrooms like this can be planned efficiently, affordable & accurately.


The Project

The budget for this project came to just under £7k per bathroom excluding labour. It was done with premium products and included the following 

  • Installation of crittall like shower screen & double vanity from Tikamoon
  • Mandarin stone tiles throughout both bathrooms in mixed marble patterns 
  • High quality fixtures and fittings from Lusso stone 
  • Wall mounted taps & concealed pipes around bath, sink & shower areas for a premium finish
  • Wall lights IP rated in both bathrooms for ambience 
  • Painting throughout on non-tiled areas



The larger ensuite you see with the crittal style shower screen & double vanity was originally a small bedroom which was converted into the master bed ensuite. The client came to us with her architectural plans and layouts pre-drawn up and hired us to bring the bathroom to life through the use of fixtures & fittings, colour schemes etc.

The second bathroom, her kids / main family bathroom was built upon an existing bathroom in the house but they stole a little landing space to make it feel more spacious. Again, our job here was to ensure the architects configurations and proposed plans made the most sense and work on the actual design.


As you can see from the photos on the right, the larger ensuite was originally a bedroom and was turned into an ensuite. A structure was created to build a doorway leading off the master bedroom and an ample master ensuite was formed. The smaller bathroom for the kids was a simple renovation of an existing family bathroom on the same floor, so no structural work was required. 

The Design Stages

With this e-design bathroom project, we worked off the clients architectural plans, so never actually visited the property! This is the joy of the e-design process, as it allows the client to get professional & affordable design assistance right from the stages of planning & layouts. We always recommend clients get layouts, elevations & any radical design ideas signed off by the clients builder first, to ensure anything like pipes, waste etc can be put in the places we’re suggesting. Typically if plumbing & toilets stay in the same place, any layout should be feasible.


Once the layout is signed off, we then head onto tiles, colours & aesthetics, and form what we call a ‘concept’. This is essentially a mood board of the actual products we’re suggesting for the space, this allows the client to see the proposed design direction in a rough form in order to provide feedbac

Once the concept is approved (we always allow a collaborative process with revisions if needed) we then move onto the final stage. We call these ‘visuals’ and these 2D/3D room mock ups truly help the clients see the space as a whole before committing to the scheme suggested.

Renovation Development

Once the designs are signed off, it’s then down to us to package up all the necessary samples in one of our branded boxes to post out to the client. In each client box, you can expect to receive tile & paint samples, a tote bag, and if needed things like fabric swatches & grout sticks etc. Once received, with the e-design process it’s then down to the client to begin all the work.


We then take a step back at this stage and remain present for aftercare support and check-ins with the client. This allows a little bit of accountability to ensure the client starts the renovation process such as locking in all trades to begin work. We’re also always very happy to recommend trades, look over labour quotes & revel in the progress with clients. 

The results of our ‘full works’ packages on these luxury bathrooms truly speak for themselves. It allowed the client to get the high end, professionally designed spaces she wanted, all with remote consultancy. This was the perfect service for our client as she felt as though she didn’t have the time to work on the designs in depth, do the sourcing or have the confidence to plan it all out, however she really enjoys the project management side of things and the e-design service allowed her to have this flexibility in managing that side of things. 


If you’re interested in Topology’s on-site service, please do get in touch! For on-site services like this, we typically have a waiting list of around 1-3 months, and for e-design it’s usually quicker, around 1-2 weeks.