The Ultimate Designers Tool Kit

Do you want to supercharge your business as an interior designer? Do you want to stop dreaming and start taking action? See how it works.

A hello from Athina & Lauren

Our story

You know deep down that you’ve got what it takes to run a hugely successful business, but you’re either right at the start and have no idea where to begin, or have a business that’s not growing as quickly as you like. You’re super creative, but need help with the business side of things. You feel super excited but frustrated and overwhelmed and you’re short on time, but have big plans for your dream business! Sound familiar?


We get that. We’ve both been there! When Athina first met Lauren Leopold the Coach, she was wanting to grow her business, but didn’t know how to overcome the next few hurdles. Now, with Lauren’s help, her mindset has changed and she’s smashed her goals, making Topology into a 6-figure business.


A brief overview 

How can we help YOU?


So worry no more, because we’ve teamed up to put together something that will give you that kick in the right direction you’re looking for: ‘The Ultimate Designer’s Tool Kit’. It contains everything you need to change your mindset and to get that business booming! We’ve compiled our combined years of knowledge on the elements that are crucial for running your own business, but also on the mindset you need to actually make it grow.


It’s a treasure chest of gems, containing personal coaching and exercises from Lauren worth over £250, plus a list of over 30 invaluable documents, tools and pieces of advice from Athina (including legal docs, spreadsheets & e-design templates), that she’s painstakingly gathered over the years, worth over £1,000.

Changing your mindset 

What you get from Lauren

– A 90-minute 1-2-1 coaching session with Lauren (for the first 20 people only)


– A 60-minute group coaching session with us both


–  A ‘Smashing your Goals’ workbook and exercises designed to kickstart your business strategy.

Heaps of digital content

From Topology

A Zip File jam-packed with everything you see below:

 A contract for tradespeople & employees –

A project agreement for clients –

Terms & Conditions for e-designers & on-site designers –

GDPR, Cookie & Privacy Policy for your website –

5x E-design templates –

Business boosting PDF guides –

3x Handy guides to send to clients at the start –

10x copyright free Topology archive images –

A guide on how to get featured in the press by a PR specialist –

A “Little Black Book” of awesome people from graphic designers to photographers –

2x Spreadsheets to help you keep track of marketing & revenue & install projects –

Why buy?

Invest in your self

Save yourself the time, money and hassle of finding all of these business essentials on your own:


Paying lawyers to help you draw up contracts

Wasting hours researching privacy laws and business templates when you could be spending it finding clients


Spending hours on social media trying to fine-tune your strategy and content


Googling articles on how to find the time to make this happen or find the confidence to take that first step


Don’t experiment with creating presentation, email & spreadsheet templates when you know these ones are tried & tested!

Saving you £££ 

What’s it worth?

You will come away feeling confident, clear on what you need to do and whipped up into a frenzy of excitement. And we’ve made the whole thing as easy as pie with our ‘Ultimate Designer’s Tool Kit’ (worth over £1,250) and have put it together for the amazing price of £397 We also have a split payment plan available to help manage the cost.

What To Expect When You Click Pay

When you purchase this product, you will receive an email explaining the options for your 1-2-1 coaching session & a date for your group coaching date. The digital content from Topology will be emailed out to you personally. Check your spam!

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