5 Steps To A More Productive Home

“So we’re hosting a 2 hour workshop to a bunch of people who can’t concentrate!?” we said. “Great…” we sarcastically proclaimed. The group collectively laughed. You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about – well aparently a lack of concentration and productivity is the main thing you lot want to improve in your homes. How did we come to this realisation? Well, we made our most recent workshop group answer a thorough questionnaire quizzing them about what they need to improve in their homes. Surprisingly, concentration levels came out on top. Speaking of which, are you still concentrating? Probably not, so I’ll put this bit in bold. Caught your attention? Right, now we’ve got you all ears, let us tell you that it’s easy to boost your concentration levels and as a result, productivity rate, at home. How? Well we’ve been working with an interiors psychologist to find this out.

Whether you work from home or not, being more productive is something we could all benefit from. Cognitively demanding tasks, be it helping a child with homework, sorting out bills or even carrying out daily chores all require us to be productive. It’s therefore important we create spaces within our homes that aid concentration and boost productivity so we get everything done efficiently. So what are some simple and effective ways you can boost your productivity rate home through your interiors? Find out what the 5 steps to a more productive home are below…


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Step 1 

Think about the areas you find yourself needing to be productive and energised in e.g. a home office, hallway, your kitchen table, a study etc. These are the areas you should consider making small changes in.

pink mug on stacked books
Step 2 

Use visually stimulating colours. Why? They act as a booster to your brain. Colours like red, yellow, orange and green are great for promoting stimulation and therefore encouraging brain activity. 

Step 3

Inject these colours into your space. This doesn’t mean you need to go and paint a wall red. In fact, it’s better to use these colours in small doses to prevent over stimulation of the eye. E.g. use a red pen pot or vase on your desk as this is scientifically proven to boost productivity. Use red in excess and you run the risk of creating a stressful and anxiety inducing area.

Step 4 

Add plants – believe it or not, plants have been proven to boost concentration levels. The presence of greenery can aid creative thinking and cognative abilities. 


green plant

Step 5 

Ensure that wherever you are carrying out your tasks that require you to be productive, that you do so in an area with a lot of natural daylight. Exposure to light can boost your productivity rate by 18% this includes natural daylight and artificial daylight so if you’ve got a natural dark space ensure you use artificial light to make up for this. 


Photos from Unsplash