which shutters are the best

Design Talk: Which Shutters Are The Best

S o you’re curious to know which shutters are the best, huh? Well, we’re not surprised because choosing your window treatment is not only an investment worth thinking about wisely, but is also a minefield of decisions due to the options out there. Café style, tier-on-tier, plantation, bespoke shape, solid panel – it’s overwhelming! That’s why we’ve teamed up with the wildly popular and amazingly named shutter experts ‘Shutterly Fabulous’ to give you the downlow. In this post we’ll be outlining which shutters are the best for your space so you can explore all the options out there and choose your preferred style with confidence. Scroll on down to find out more…

The Classic Full Height Plantation Shutter:

First up – the classic full height plantation shutter. Now these are great for those who perhaps live in a space that gets a lot of light. Maybe you’ve got a bedroom where the sun pours in during the morning? Or a nursery that’s filled with light in the evening? Whatever your situation, plantation shutters are great for those who want to control the amount of light they can let into a space. This is because of their adjustable wooden slat design – also known as ‘louvres’. These louvres enable you to dictate the amount of light flow into the room. By positioning the slats fully open, fully closed, partially open etc you’re in control. But the benefits don’t stop there, see our fast facts below on plantation shutters to see if they’re the ones for you.


Full Height Plantation Shutter Fast Facts

  • By adjusting the slats, you also have control when it comes to privacy as well as light flow.
  • Full height shutters will work in any style of home. Whether you’ve got a new build, period property etc. So if you’re stuck on what to choose, they’re definitely a safe bet.
  • Shutters are known to increase the value of your property.
  • They’re low maintenance in terms of cleaning. A simple feather duster will keep your full height shutters clean.
  • They’re a classic & timeless design.
  • Smartens the exterior view of your property in a way that blinds and curtains can’t.
  • Also known to provide insulation benefits when measured and installed by experts. Like the experienced team at Shutterly Fabulous!
  • They come in a variety of colours. Or you can colour match to your favourite Farrow & Ball, Dulux or Little Greene paint. This is something Shutterly Fabulous proudly offer customers.

Cafe Style Shutters

Covering only a portion of their window fittings, café style shutters are designed to not be the full height of the window frame their fitted in. Why? Well you might feel as though a full height shutter is too strong a look for your space and would prefer to keep things more open. This style of shutter is great for anyone wanting to control light & privacy. Thus, ideal for spaces that are perhaps on the ground level where privacy is required to deter prying passers-by! Here are some fast facts on café style shutters for you…


Cafe Style Shutters Fast Facts: 

  • They provide flexibility with temperature control as you can either choose to have the adjustable slats open or closed.
  • Deters people from looking into your home without skimping on the amount of light flowing into the space.
  • Are a great entry to choosing shutters in your home as they’re not as drastic in appearance as other types.
  • Typically more affordable than other shutter styles as they cover a smaller portion of the window.
which shutters are the best

Solid Wooden Shutters

Contrastingly to the above, this style of shutter is made up of a solid wood panel (probably could have guessed that from the name) and they don’t have slats or louvres. These shutters are a fantastic option for those who prefer an almost black-out effect because they provide full window coverage to prevent light from peeking in. Ideal for light sleepers in a bedroom where darkness is key or perhaps in a south facing living area where UV rays could damage upholstered furniture. These are actually one of our favourite types of shutter design and we’ll outline below why in our fast facts section.


Solid Wooden Shutters Fast Facts: 

  • Can complement high ceiling spaces as they’re elegant in style.
  • Their solid appearance gives off a sense of extra security to protect your home.
  • Traditional in appearance and therefore perfect for Victorian houses or flats with a distinct Regency style.
  • Suitable for modern homes who want to inject a bit of personality and uniqueness to their property.
  • Great for keeping your space cool in summer & warm in winter because of their temperature control ability.
  • Easy to clean.

Still stuck on which shutters are the best for you? In addition to the above, read below for a brief word on some other popular variations of shutter.

Tier On Tier Shutters

Shutterly Fabulous claim tier-on-tier shutters are best described by the word ‘versatility’. Why? Well this innovative style allows you to have both upper and lower panels that can be opened independently for great privacy & light control. As an example, this is great for lower level spaces where privacy is key without sacrificing light flow.

Bespoke Shape Shutters

If you’ve got unusually shaped windows, slanted ceilings, Velux windows etc, then why cover these unique features of your home up? Instead, embrace them! Bespoke shaped shutters celebrate the quirky character of your home by their tailored to fit design. Definitely an option for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Well we best shut(ter) up now but we hope the above has helped you pin down the best shutter style for your home. If not and you’re still feeling a bit confused, then book a free consultation with Shutterly Fabulous! In every appointment they will measure and survey windows professionally and give you the opportunity to discuss in person what style will suit your home with an expert in the field. It’s as simple as that! For more information on styles, colour options and room inspiration, head to www.shutterlyfabulous.com or call the team on 0800 9 700 900.

This post has been sponsored by Shutterly Fabulous, but as usual, we only ever team up with brands we respect & trust.


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