Ok, hands up if you’ve ever killed a plant? Yup, us too. But dammit, keeping plants alive is hard! Can we get an amen? Not watering enough, watering too much, overfeeding, underfeeding – knowing how to keep a plant alive is a minefield and something we can’t keep track of. Which is why we’re on a mission to free ourselves of the title ‘plant murderer’ and have done some research to find out what the easiest plants to keep alive are – as believe it or not, there are viable, forgiving options without resorting to the fake varieties. After all, decorating with house plants is the dream right? Minimal effort for maximum effect. Plus, you might want to think twice before giving up on that dying fern. House plants have been scientifically proven (by NASA no-less) to be air-purifying, stress-relieving and capable of creating a comforting home out of a house. Research shows efficient air cleaning can be achieved with just one plant per 100 sq. foot in a home. Therefore, as daunting as riding the botanical wave might be, the health benefits are reason enough to make house plants almost a necessity in the home. So scroll on down to find out what we’ve learnt…pdf

unkillable plants


Finding that elusive lush and low maintenance plant can be tricky but they do exist. Most long-living house plants are pot plants. With each one, look to buy it in a pot with a drainage hole at the bottom. You can also buy or replant it in a plastic drainage pot and place this into a pretty decorative one of your own. This avoids the inevitable plant-killer, root rot, where water sits at the bottom saturating the soil for days and essentially drowns your plant, killing it from the root up. Although if any of you have this problem of being overzealous with the watering, you’re already doing better than forgetting you’re a plant owner at all.

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Image Source: Patch / Sansevieria Plant A Variation Of The Snake Plant

10 Unkillable Plants


  1. Succulents and Cacti
    Obvious go-tos as they lie dormant and regulate water intake if not tended to. Happy as Larry on a sunny shelf. But be careful with spiky ones especially on the bedside table…
  2. Aloe Vera:
    Like most succulents, avoid direct sunlight and simply water when you remember – needless to say, this one’s a keeper! Great for bathrooms as aloe vera loves sunburn, acne, dry skin and that beautiful complexion of yours!
  3. Snake Plant:
    Aka Mother-in-law’s tongue. Ergo, tough to kill, likes sunlight but water when the soil is completely dry – surprisingly easy to please!
  1. Peace Lily:
    Beautiful, toxin-filtering, likes warmth, and water before the soil is completely dry – score!
  2. Pothos:
    Full of leafy vines that can trail down walls, it doesn’t need natural light and only needs water when dry. The Golden Pothos is a pretty choice with its string of heart-shaped leaves.
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Image Source: The Style Files No. 33 / Lilly’s Home


6. ZZ Plant:
Survives in low light and requires a small amount water – a winning combination for dark corners that need sprucing up. Scroll down to see a pic of the Patch ‘ZZ Plant’ called Cassie.

7. Spider Plant:
Try to kill it and it will fight back and sprig baby shoots all over that you can re-pot – creepy? Yeah a little, but that’s what you get when you kill a plant – nature coming back to kick your ass! 

9. Cast Iron Plants:
Aptly named, these are invincible and tolerant of the dingiest spots in your home. Basement flats or messy people, perhaps one for you?

10. Rubber Plants:
Gorgeous variegated leaves add colour to your home and you can find these in a range of sizes. Again, bi-monthly watering and can be left in indirect sunlight

10. Nerve Plant:
Does the hard part for you… just when you’re losing all hope of finding ‘the one’, this one will tell you it needs water by ‘sinking’, and reviving each time it is watered. 

unkillable plants

Image Source: Patch / An Example Of A ‘ZZ Plant’



Alternatively, you can try air plants which are a god send in terms of maintenance and make for excellent centre pieces or table decorations. An air plant such as Tillandsia will do the trick and only needs a spritz or soaking in water for a couple of hours, every couple of weeks. They don’t need planting, a pot or a particular location so can easily find a comfy spot in your home.

However, if all else fails, but you’re still a sucker for gorgeous blooming roses, once they’ve given up on you, hang them upside down to dry out ‘upright’, and then replace them in a vase to create the holy grail of indestructible house plants.

If you’ve been inspired to incorporate some flowers or plants into your home, why not try Bloom Magic who offer a wealth of different hand tied flowers for any occasion, be it a birthday or just a treat for yourself. And if you’ve learnt anything from this post, you’ll know that Lillies are a great option for those who aren’t particularly green fingered!

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