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Tips For Interior Instagram Accounts

We all know Instagram is a place where people love to be visually inspired and beautiful interiors are a plenty. Decorators are rife and the #houseenvy is real people. So if you’re anything like us, or the millions of accounts out there, you’ll want to show off your epic design skills to either boost a following, get new clients or just show off your fantastic projects. It’s particularly important for those who’re interior designers too. Why? Well instagram can become an interactive portfolio of work and a place of interior inspiration for other users. However with a saturated market competition is vast, so how can you stand out from the crowd & beat the alghorithm? Let’s find out here…

#hashtag tips

The use of hashtags make it easy for people to find you and keep up to date with what you’re doing.  They can also be targeted to attract people who are interested in your specific interior design style. So here are our # tips.

  • Add a mix of popular & unpopular hashtags to your posts. Use #’s with around 500,000 posts attached to them and some with around 500 or less. This will increase your chance of being seen. There’s no real point in uploading a post with a hashtag that gets millions of uploads attached to it as you run the risk of being lost in the crowd.


  • Use # with generic terms that relate to your post such as #monochromekitchen #moodboarddesign or #pinkbedroom so people who are searing for these terms can find your account.


  • Add a few terms to convey your interior style eg #scandistyling, #minimalinterior, #luxeinteriors, #maximalistdecor this may increase your chance of being followed by others that have a similar style preference.


  • Tag and hashtag any brands that may be in the post eg. #westelm, #ikea, #etsyfinds to increase the chance of them sharing your pics.


  • Create a hashtag that’s project specific when relevant, as this way people can use it to follow along with your progress eg. #topologybathroomrenovation.


  • Use trending hashtags such as #lagom #terrazzo #hygge etc to get your posts noticed.


  • Create one hashtag that you can use for all of your posts which include your own name or company name if you have one eg. we use #topstylefiles.


  • You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, so make the most out of them!

By the way are you following us?


The Instagram algorithm reacts well to high levels of activity. This activity can be on both on your account and on your posts, so stay as active as possible. Reach out to followers who could be potential clients, journalists, suppliers or fellow designers to build relationships with them. By consistently following, liking and commenting on their accounts it’s shows instagram your an active user. Make sure your interaction is genuine though and post comments of around 4 words or more. Insta doesn’t register emoji’s as proper interaction!

Top Tip: Make sure your interaction is genuine & post comments of around 4 words or more. Instagram doesn't register emoji's as proper interaction!


Do a weekly (or ideally daily) story and/or live videos to show your project work, mood board creation and anything else that you’re getting up to, so that potential clients can gain a sense of who they’d be working with, your work style and the processes you like to use. You don’t necessarily have to show yourself or your voice in these videos but show you followers what you’re up to. People like to snoop, find out more about who they’re following and it shows instagram you’re an active user.


Being Genuine

It can be tempting to make everything look ‘picture perfect’, however sometimes it’s worth just making a space that someone can look at and imagine themselves living in and enjoying. Realistic images are much more appealing than unattainable designs. So don’t get bogged down by something that’s not pristine perfect and clean. This will help inspire a potential client to want to work with you or show your followers that you’re human! Coming across genuine is important.

Be Consistent

There’s a ton of advice available to help you build a strong Instagram presence, so with anything you choose to do, don’t forget to remain consistent. Be consistent with your interactions, the quality of your posts and creating a distinctive interior style identity for your brand (be the red bottoms of interior design!) and remember, each post could lead to your next project or collaboration.

For interior instagram accounts interested in learning more about hashtags specifically, you can read our most popular post ever here.

Most photos taken from Unsplash or our own projects.

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