The Style Files No. 12

Johnathan Adler eat your heart out

It’s the weekend and the sun is out, so time for another peep into someone’s amazing home. This week we chatted to Lisa Dawson who lives in York with her husband, Joe and 3 kids – Ella, Max & Leo – and dog Buddy. To set the scene two years ago Lisa bought her dream Georgian home after moving  from the South with Joe’s work.  She’s always been obsessed with interiors and last year started posting styling shots of her  house  on Instagram, as she was updating it..

…It’s no surprise that she quickly picked up 40k followers and started writing a weekly blog based on styling a home on a budget. She now have almost 40k followers and runs a monthly Styling Your Home Workshop with Dee Campling, her workshop partner. She also provides a client home style design service, all via her website.



style files house tour

Photos by our lovely Georgia Burns 

style files house tour

What was the process for designing your home?


When we moved into this house, I made the decision that I would have nothing in it that I didn’t really love.  So I ebayed, Freecycled, used Gumtree and car boot sales and ended up with just things that I really wanted in my space. From this point, I have only bought when I really love something.  I never buy just to fill a room.  If I can’t afford what I want, I leave the space clear and wait until I can!  90 percent of the items in my home are vintage upcycled or thrifted.  Because I love all the pieces in my home, it’s easy to move them around and make changes which is good for me as I’m a very transient decorator.   I am constantly updating my rooms.  Sometimes I make mistakes but as long as it’s not a structural error, anything can be remedied! 

style files house tour

How would you define your style?

I’m passionate about vintage and upcycling, I adore using colour and I would probably describe my style as modern eclectic, if that’s a thing!  I love the boho, relaxed, textured style of decorating that’s popular in the USA.

style files house tour
  1. What would be your advice to someone who wants to create a home like yours?

    Think outside the box when it comes to furnishing your space.  Furniture has lots of uses – I own a total of four vintage drinks trolleys which I use as bedside tables, hall tables, sitting room side tables – in fact, anything apart from its actual use!  I buy nearly all of my furniture in charity shops and love the idea of using pieces which have history attached to them.  I am an avid collector so I try and have wide neutral wall spaces to display them properly, alongside wallpaper features which is another one of my passions.   My style is constantly evolving and my home works with me because the basics – the walls, the window dressings, the flooring – are generally a neutral.

How would you define your style? 


modern, eclectic

style files house tour
style files house tour

Whats the inspiration behind your home?

I’m hugely inspired by the unstructured boho style of feeds such as Liz Kamarul and Jennifer Harrison of Fleamarket Fab over in the States.  Their creativity is amazing and their rooms are a constantly changing textured environment that is flexible and hugely liveable in.  Which is what all our homes should be like!  I’m also obsessed with Jonathan Adlers style and the fabulous reception area he designed at The Parker Palm Springs is my all time favourite room.  I need colour in my home to make me happy!  Dark just doesn’t do it for me.

style files house tour

If you could only own one homeware item what would it be?

I think the sideboard is the most under rated item ever.  Perfect for storage, I’ve got both vintage and modern IKEA versions in my home.  They look good and also provide loads of room to store those bits that you don’t want to have out on show.  I’m slightly addicted to the vintage versions and have to be stopped from buying every piece I see!

STYLE FILES house tour

Money no object, where would your dream home be?

I would buy a huge Georgian townhouse in central London with off street parking for four cars and a massive garden.  

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