It’s gone from fashion favourite to homeware hero. Yep, it’s our mecca that’s more commonly known as H&M Home. These guys are absolutely donning the affordable homewares market at the moment, so we’re bursting with excitement at what they’ve told us on the DL – there’s some seriously cool stuff in the pipeline. For example, they’ve just released a collaboration with Google – yep Google! – to develop a voice application on google assistant called H&M Home Stylist. But what is it we hear you say? Well you can expect google assistant to help you with things like personal styling ideas, mood board and inspiration straight to your mobile phone. That’s not all though when it comes to new and exciting things at H&M Home…but we’re keeping our lips sealed for now. However let’s just say things are only going to get bigger and better. Last week we took a little trip to the Oxford Circus branch to treat ourselves to some H&M Home products and thought it was a great opportunity to show off our hauls, share with you our top products and prove that great interior finds are not only readily accessible but cheap too (scroll down for evidence).

Well, where shall we begin? H&M Home pretty much cover all bases. From bathroom storage pots and towels to bed cushions and linen to accessories, kitchen décor and cutlery. They’re a one-shop-stop destination for interior addicts (who don’t wanna be spending the big bucks). Together we’ve broken down our top picks into manageable chunks for you. Let’s start with Amy’s findings…





I’m seriously impressed with H&M Home’s collection. Design wise, they’ve absolutely nailed it. Some of their products look more Milan Design Week than high street store – take their selection of vases, for example. They have some beautiful coloured glass, matt ceramics and stoneware. Place any of these in a hallway or on a side table and I guarantee it will add real elegance to your space! Ok, I might be a bit of a sucker for vases, but I’m also impressed by their range of linen, blankets, cushions and storage, most of which you can find for under £40. It’s the combination of dignified design and cheap, practical products that prove that H&M Home understand what we’re after. 





When I got to H&M home, there are few ‘departments’ I tend to flock to. Bed linen, ornaments and storage. Why? Well their bedlinen is super affordable for actual linen sheets. Usually you’d look to pay well over £100 for good quality linen bedding but their stuff starts at around £30. Their storage too, which ranges from laundry bins to blanket baskets and trinket boxes, is also really well priced. I love it all b but  am particularly fond of their jute / seagrass baskets which are literally a fraction of the price of other retailers – um, hello change back from a £20 note. 

So there you have it, a high street hero we here at Topology HQ both vouch for and know is only going to get bigger and better.

This post was not sponsored but the lovely people at H&M home did give us a few treats in store to say thank you.


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