Everyone has their own taste when it comes to their home but one thing we all have in common is wanting to save a pound or two. And let’s face it, we all want to save some cash so there’s a little bit left over in the piggy for booze bills. If you’re anything like us though, then you probably have expensive taste without the budget to match. Well we’re going to brighten up your day because we’re here to tell you that most expensive items you like will have a like-for-like alternative somewhere on the internet that’s cheaper. You just need to know how to find them. In this post, you’ll learn how to price compare with ease just like we do for our budget conscious clients – and we’re also highlighting our favourite high end vs. high street homeware pieces too. 


This is what dreams are made of. Do you ever use it? Let’s take a ‘black round mirror’ as an example; simply type the key words into google’s search bar and then click ‘Shopping’. You’ll then be shown a whole load of similar products that range in style and price and you can narrow down your options by adding in filters like price, brand, location etc. We like to display them as a ‘grid’ (as pictured below), as it helps you clearly see all the of the options next to each other.


Zara Home Mirror – £79.99 

Habitat Patsy Mirror – £195 

1. Round Black Mirror:

The Habitat patsy mirror is an item we both have and get lots of compliments on, but at £195 it’s not the cheapest mirror out there. Although the Zara one is 18cm smaller, it’s a mere £79.99 giving you a save of over £100. 

Sofas World Isla Velvet  – £134.99 

Swoon Fitz Cocktail Chair – £369

2. Blue Velvet Cocktail Chair: 

This is another great example of how you can get the style you want at a lower price by shopping around. We’re huge fans of Swoon and think they’re prices are actually really affordable, but they can’t cater to every budget so the Sofas World option is fantastic budget find.

Belvoir Black & Gold Lamp – £20 

Black & Gold Lynx Lamp – £69

3. Black & Gold Lamp:

Ooh we love an exact match! With a little help from our friends at google, we found that Cult Living are selling this lamp for a whopping £69 compared to Iconic lights that are giving you an absolute bargain for just £20. 



MADE.COM Julius Cushion – £29 for 2 

Trouva Cozy Living Mustard Cushion – £38

4. Mustard Velvet Cushion: 

Cushions are something that a lot of us change up often when the seasons change, our moods change or when we want a re-fresh so no need to spend a fortune on them if they’er interchangeable. These MADE.com cushions are a bargain at £29 for two compared to Trouva. 

Maisons Du Monde Green Velvet Sofa – £598.50

Swoon Kalmar 2 Seat Sofa – £1099 

5. Green Velvet Sofa 

Fan girling over @girlwiththegreensofa? Emulate her style with one of these emerald green beauties from – but if you fancy saving a penny or two, the Maisons Du Monde option coming in at £500.49 cheaper could be the winner? . 

H&M Home Decorated Cushion – £17.99 

Maisons Du Monde Ecru & Golden Cushion – £48

6. Cream Boho Cushion: 

Add a bit of boho into your space with these cream / ecru berber style cushions, great for adding texture into a neutral scheme. But why pay £48 when you can pay £17.99? With H&M you can get 2 for the price of 1. 

Shropshire Design – £71 

Naken Interiors – £110

7. Marble Side Table

Marble can be expensive, but lets help you get it on the cheap. Both these side tables are a steal anyways, but a cool £71 deal from Shropshire design takes the biscuit. Yes please! 

Maisons Du Monde – £171.50

Swoon – £329 

8. Coffee Table 

Just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean your skimping on quality. Two coffee tables, two great retailers – case and point.  

Maisons Du Monde – £344 

Benuta – £79.95

9. Berber Style Rug

Spot the difference…oh it’s just the price. These rugs could be related they’re so similar but one definitely has the bigger ego with that price tag. 

Only Home – £145 

Conran Shop – £748 

10. Wishbone Chair 

Ok we know the cheaper version is a knock off of the real thing but haters gonna hate – we can’t help but love a bargain and with code TOPOLOGY12 you’ll get an extra 12% off the Only Home cheaper version! 


So there you have it – next time you think about buying something, have a shop around and see what similar version you can find for a better deal. Please note, some of the links in this post are affiliate links. 

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