Welcome to our forty-third Style Files! Last week we interviewed the lovely Meera about her eclectic house tour, play catch up here if you missed it. This time however we’re touring you around Dan’s home. After spending seven years in London, Dan moved back to Newcastle Upon Tyne, where he currently lives in a two bed victorian terrace. It’s a rental but that hasn’t stopped him from creating a stunning space worth sharing. Here at Topology we’re all about showing you that rental homes can be made into your own space. So what did Dan do first – got rid of the magnolia! Yes Dan! That’s what we want to hear. So what are the results…?

2. How would you define your style?

There are definitely Scandinavian influences to my style, probably mostly in that I always want there to be a lot of light and empty space. I really gravitate toward minimalism and don’t like too much clutter or pieces to be too heavy. I like to think my style is a kind of soft minimalism. Hopefully it’s never cold or too sparse, with warm textures making sure everything still feels inviting and cosy. It’s important to me that everything feels homely still.

Colour doesn’t tend to feature too heavily in anything I do. It’s mostly a muted palette, with grey and black against the bright white. If I want to add colour in anywhere I tend to keep it to the odd cushion or accessory, so it’s easily interchangeable if I change my mind. Over the years I’ve experimented with adding colour with larger pieces but inevitably always end up painting them grey or black! I’m glad I did it though, it’s important to try and test your tastes and experiment.

One thing you will always find is flowers. I love having fresh flowers or huge vases of eucalyptus around to soften the edges of everything and keep it from looking too clinical. It’s amazing what adding in some greenery can do.

Scandinavian house tour
Scandinavian house tour
3. What’s your favourite spot in the home & why?

Probably my bedroom. This is the first flat I have lived in on my own, up until this place I had always been in shared houses or flats. Over the years I felt like I devalued my bedroom; I would go to my room to just be on my own or watch TV I wanted that maybe flatmates didn’t. I guess I sort of made the bedroom a second living room. When I moved here I was determined my bedroom was a space I was going to go to for sleep and to be relaxed in, and that was it.

Scandinavian house tour
Scandinavian house tour
4. Where do you find your inspiration?

I love magazines like the Australian Vogue Living, Elle Decoration and Scandinavian publications like My Residence. I’ve always been obsessed with magazines, there’s stacks of them all around my flat. Online I tend to use Pinterest and Instagram, although I’m always more focused when looking on there.

Scandinavian house tour
5. What’s your favourite interior shop?

When I lived in London I used to wander around The Conran Shop on Fulham Road most weekends; the building is just beautiful. I could only really dream of buying the pieces in there mostly, but it’s definitely where I started to form my wish list and my own kind of style. Online I’m always browsing Tea + Kate and Utility Design for brands like HAY and Ferm Living.

Scandinavian house tour

If you’ve been inspired by Dan’s contemporary home, head over to his blog www.millergrey.com & instagram _millergrey.

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