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Simple Tips To Sleep Better At Home

If you’re a returning visitor to Topology, by now you should be aware that we’re over half way through our interiors and wellbeing blog takeover. So far we’ve covered topics like what scents can lift our moods (click here) and how to achieve mindfulness at home (click here). But one thing we haven’t talked about is ‘sleep’. We’ve all heard it before – how sleep has the power to work wonders on our wellbeing. Whether you’re over-worked, stressed out, feeling grumpy or even sad, the benefit of having a good quality sleep is of the utmost importance. What though, are some simple tips to sleep better at home?  We’re not here to simply say ‘go to bed earlier’, we understand lives are hectic and late nights can occur. So we’re tackling the issue with scientific research, interior décor solutions and sleep enhancing products from bed retailer of the year Bensons for Beds.


First things first – What can a good nights sleep improve?

  • Poor sleep quality can lead to weight gain due to the effect it has on our hormones and reducing our motivation for wanting to exercise
  • A good night sleep can boost our concentration and productivity
  • Can maximise athletic performance
  • Can prevent risk of heart disease and stroke
  • A good night sleep can positively impact our metabolism and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Poor sleeping habits are linked to depression
  • Our immune functions much better with a good night rest
  • A bad night sleep can negatively affect our emotions and social interactions
  • A poor night sleep is link to increased inflammation e.g. cell damage and IBS

What Small Steps Can We Take With Our Decor? 

Going back to primitive times, when the sun rose it was time to hunt and to be alive. When darkness hit, it was time to rest and re-cooperate. The same mentality should be applied today in our 21stcentury lives. You may have seen the words ‘circadian rhythm’ before? In laymans’ terms this is our ‘body clock’. Our body clock is a complex timekeeper controlled by an area of the brain that responds to light. It explains how we’re naturally more alert when the sun is out and are prepared for sleep when night hits. So to keep your body clock in check it’s important opt for total darkness when resting. A blackout blind that keeps the early morning sun out will aid a deeper sleep. If this isn’t practical try an eye mask!

Try using colours in the bedroom that are proven to relax and de-stress. Blue is a universally popular colour but remember it’s all about what shade you choose. Darker, more subdued blues are said to have calming properties that can lower our blood pressure. Try this in a bedroom, even if it’s in the form of a cushion. It’s amazing how the sight of certain colours can have a significant impact on us even without us realising.

Can A Mattress Improve Sleep Quality By 60%? 

It’s been scientifically proven in recent studies that a good mattress has the ability to reduce back pain by 57% and shoulder pain by 60%. This can therefore improve our sleep quality by 60%! That is a whopping finding. Because of this mattresses are selling left right and centre, so it’s hard to know what brand to choose and why. Do you opt for a Silent Night mattress or Futon Mattresses!? 


We’re fond of the Tempur mattress range as they have outstanding motion absorption which means when your partner moves in bed, you’re less likely to be disturbed during sleep “


We’ve spoken to bed retailer of the year Bensons For Beds, who sell all the brands from Silentnight, to Stompa, Sensaform and Tempur. Bensons For Beds knows that we’re all different when it comes to what our individual bodies require, so they’ve created unique a  ‘Comfort Station System’ in store. This allows you to test out different mattress firmness levels to find the perfect one for you. Using exclusive comfort tracking technology it will show you how your body is affected by the way you sleep. And what’s more – where you need support. No need for a trip to the osteopath!

We’re fond of the Tempur range as they have outstanding motion absorption which means when your partner moves, you’re less likely to be disturbed.  They’ve also engineered a mattress with a pressure-relieving surface to absorb and evenly distribute the weight of your body. If you haven’t updated your mattress in over 5 years, we strongly recommend considering updating it! Update it and monitor your sleep performance afterwards.


Tech Related Tips To Help You Switch Off

If you’ve got a smart phone such as an iphone, you’ll find that there is a setting on your phone called ‘Nightshift’. It can be found under Settings -> Display & Brightness. When switched on this changes the backlight on your phone to a yellow hued light. It’s been scientifically proven that the blue toned LED lights on our phone screens can prevent us from falling asleep (especially when viewed 1 hour before bed) so by switching to Nightshift you’re enabling your mind to switch off more easily and potentially aid falling asleep much quicker. With Nightshift you can automatically set a time on – so you can set it to come on at 10pm and revert back to normal. Try it!


All in All

Remember a good night sleep is based on different factors like the right room temperature, amount of caffeine consumed, the position you lie in etc – it’s really a minefield of getting all the elements right. But if things like adding a black out blind or buying a new mattress can aid deeper rests, why not give them a go for a quick fix?