Renovation Hack: Respraying Kitchen Cabinets

Dreaming of drastically changing your kitchen, but don’t want to deplete all of your savings? We don’t blame you! That’s why here at Topology we’re suggesting more & more to clients that consider respraying kitchen cabinets. But what exactly does it entail & can it really give you a fresh kitchen look? The answer is 100% yes. Re-spraying your existing kitchen cabinetry is truly one of the most cost & time effective ways to update your kitchen, especially if combined with a new worktop, handles or splash back. There are a few things to know though when re-spraying kitchen cabinets, so let’s fill you in on this blog post and show you a real life case study from our recently completed Project Chepstow.

What are the benefits of re-spraying kitchen cabinets?

The process & downtime is quick
Once you’ve chosen a paint and a re-spraying company, the process can usually be completed in 1-2 days.
The process is that the cabinets will need to be cleaned and prepped, and taped up with precision before the the paint is then sprayed on top. Once the paint is dry – usually it’s touch dry within a few hours – you can start enjoying your new kitchen. Compare this to weeks worth of renovations, it’s a no brainer as to which one will be a simpler process.

You can choose any colour & handle you want
Simply choose your paint colour from any brand and your re-spraying team will work their magic. Check with your re-spraying company whether they will change the handles for you too (usually a charge-able extra). Most teams will be happy to accommodate a completely different handle style which may require patching up the old screw holes from where the original ones were placed. This is the key to truly transforming your kitchen!

It’s less wasteful & better for the planet:
Consider yourself an eco-warrier if you don’t renovate & spray instead. It’s a much less wasteful option than replacing your cabinets & appliances and will

It’s a fraction of the cost

The average cost to re-spray kitchen cabinets in the UK ranges from £1,500 to £5,000, depending on the size of your kitchen and the company you choose. This is much less expensive than replacing your cabinets altogether, which can cost upwards of £10,000.

See Real Results – The Before

The During & The After

As you can see here, we added a new splashback, tap, handles & an additional bar unit onto the end of the existing kitchen to completely revamp the space.

Here are some additional tips for re-spraying your kitchen cabinets:

  • Do your research and choose a reputable company that has experience re-spraying kitchen cabinets.
  • Get multiple quotes from different companies before making a decision.
  • Be clear about your expectations with the company.
  • Be present during the re-spraying process to ensure that the work is being done to your satisfaction.
  • Be prepared to have your kitchen temporarily unavailable during the re-spraying process.

With a little planning and preparation, re-spraying your kitchen cabinets can be a simple and affordable way to give your kitchen a new look.

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All photography by Richard Kiely 

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