Kimberly’s Swoonworthy Bedroom Tour

We speak to Kimberly Duran, from Swoonworthy blog – the ‘home of eclectic boho glam’. We’ve been huge fans of Kimberly’s ever since we got into interior blogging a few years ago. If you haven’t come across Swoonworthy, she’s a great source of inspiration for those looking to add a bit of decadence into the home. We think you’ll agree when we say her room is simply beautiful. Scroll on down for some great interior inspo & insider knowledge into the design process.

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

Was there a planning process behind the bedroom design?

My bedroom has been black since 2012 (with the proliferation you see dark rooms now, I like to think of myself as a bit of a trend-setter!) and I’ve always loved it but it was always decorated with quite a bold primary colour palette. I wanted to soften those colours, bring it back to cosy neutrals and create a more relaxed boho-inspired space. I painted my bedside tables black, replaced the curtains and changed up the artwork. The bedding is textural and soft which I love. The whole room is just very me now – quintessentially ‘boho glam’!

What was your inspiration for your design?

I don’t think there was any specific inspiration, to be honest. I just included those things I love in a more restrained colour palette for a moody look that really works well with the rest of the house.  I’ve always loved a bit of bohemian design so incorporating things like the Moroccan-style throw and plants seemed like natural choices for the room and teamed up with some very glamorous gold lighting choices, mirror and vintage table, it’s very much my kind of space!

Did you have any different ideas/ plans for the bedroom?

After 7 years of very slow decorating, the room is about 90% complete but we still need to replace the carpeting in here. It’s so old now and I really hate it! We had always planned on removing it and restoring the old floorboards beneath but that hasn’t happened just yet! I think ultimately, we’ll probably just replace the carpet now as we plan on moving early next year so it’ll be a much easier fix.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Duran